My5 Reasons I Love Long Island

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Sal Ferro, President and CEO of Alure Home Improvements, knows there are many things to love about Long Island! But here, he shares his top five favorite things about it.

One, would have to be the people on Long Island.  The people on Long Island make it a great place to be!

Two, would be Long Island itself. The landscape is so beautiful, with some of the most gorgeous beaches!

Three, is the food! If there’s another thing about Long Island, it’s that there is no shortage of great restaurants!

Four, is the opportunities. What brings so many people to Long Island is the opportunities it has to offer, while still being in a suburban atmosphere!

And five, is it’s proximity to New York City. You can live in Long Island, and only be a short car ride away from NYC!

Coming up with the list of five things that Sal loves about Long Island wasn’t hard. It was narrowing it down to just five that was so difficult!

Share with us why you love Long Island!!

Watch our video to learn more about these five reasons why Sal loves Long Island! To learn more about Sal Ferro, visit us here, and visit here to learn more about the rest of the Alure team!

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