Tips to help your spring cleaning be a breeze

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As the brutal cold and unpleasant weather of winter come to an end, many families want to jump on the next season by starting their spring cleaning. Whether that means preparing for a summer kitchen remodeling or simply getting organized for taking on the new weather, there are a few things that families can do during spring cleaning to help themselves work effectively and efficiently to have everything go off without a hitch.

Clean all of your stainless steel
Starting your cleaning in the kitchen is always a good idea. Because it may see some of the most frequent cleaning on a daily basis, it may also see some of the least major cleaning. In addition to your day-to-day kitchen maintenance, scrub down your stainless steel appliances, House Beautiful magazine advised. Look for a good cleaner, not a wax or oil, and wash down your refrigerator or dishwasher to keep it looking clean, sleek and fresh for the spring. Although stainless steel won’t collect filth the same way as other surfaces, it can take on oil, so a cleaning can do a lot of good. This may also be a good time to disinfect your sink.

Wash your windows and their dressings
Many people take spring cleaning as an opportunity to wash both the interior and exterior of their windows, even if they’re recently installed replacement windows. Although most people won’t forget to scrub their windows with glass cleaner, they may overlook their blinds or curtains. These types of window dressings can collect dust, dirt and other particulates from the dry winter air. Martha Stewart Living recommended that people clean their blinds and window dressings once or twice a year – so why not make it the spring? Lots of blinds can be removed and hosed outside for a quick and easy cleaning, while others, like wooden ones, should be done carefully by hand. Many curtains can even be machine washed, but consult your manufacturer first if you have any questions. Spring is also a good time to clean all operating parts of your windows, since dirt, dust and the winter elements may have done a number on them. Open and tilt your windows in and then clean with a rag to remove all debris.

Clean what you use every day
Floors, windows, carpets and bedding get a lot of attention during spring cleaning, but don’t forget about the less glamorous and often overlooked areas that may need cleaning too. Reader’s Digest magazine reminded homeowners that everything from baseboards to cabinets need to be cleaned. Usually, simple soap and a sponge will do the job to wash down your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, your woodwork and even your walls in heavily trafficked areas. Even if your cabinets and woodwork are new from a recent kitchen or bathroom remodeling, it isn’t a bad idea to be proactive and keep them looking as good as new.

Move everything around
Spring is a time of new beginnings and rebirth, and it’s time to reorganize your home design. But moving your sofa and entertainment center also comes with a secondary benefit – new places to clean. Somehow dirt and dust always seem to congregate under your hardest-to-move furniture. So combine a redesign effort with spring cleaning to create a new-looking, cleaner space for the summer.

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