When is it Time To Ditch Your Home’s Carpet?

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Carpeting is a great, versatile flooring option for any home, and you likely know that well. It’s comfortable, forgiving and affordable no matter what style you’re looking for. However, it’s also prone to wear down as the years pass.

There comes a time for every home where the carpet must go. You might have your eye on an entirely different flooring option or just aim to replace it with fresher carpet.  If you think that might be true for you, here are a few signs you can look out for to see if it’s truly time to ditch your home’s carpet.

1. It’s Just Too Dirty

Carpets can certainly get dirty. This is especially true if your carpet is a darker color or a shaggier texture. Plus, homes with kids and pets are more likely to deal with dirty carpets — a natural consequence of spills, pet hair and accidents.

A few stains here and there can be removed or even dealt with over the years, but when you find your carpet is too far gone, a new one could be in order. There’s only so much magic cleaning solutions can do after years of use.

2. The Fifteen Year Mark

You don’t necessarily have to replace your carpet just because it’s old, but it can be important to remember that modern carpets tend to have a fifteen year life span, depending on the amount of foot traffic and other wear and tear they’re exposed to.

And it isn’t just about the carpet itself either — even the padding underneath can grow old and need replacing. If you’re starting to notice aging, you may want to consider tossing it.

3. It’s Worn or Threadbare

Another sign it could be time to ditch the carpet is less about what is there — and more about what isn’t. While wear and tear can come naturally with age, a lot of foot traffic can be the culprit, too. If your carpet is wearing thin, a new one might be in order sometime soon.

4. Your Allergies Are Getting Worse

If you have pollen or pet allergies, you may notice that certain environments force your allergies to act up more than others. If your home didn’t used to be one of those places, but you’ve been coughing and sneezing up a storm recently, your carpet could be a factor in your worsening allergies.

Carpeting can hold onto pollen and dander — and even debris and dead skin cells. While you can look into getting your carpet cleaned and see if that clears things up, sometimes carpets hold onto things over time. The best bet is to go for something new, especially if it truly has been years.

5. Mold or Other Issues

Carpets can, unfortunately, hold onto more than just dirt and pollen. Sometimes, they can even hide issues like mold, insects and water damage. While dirt and stains can sometimes be left up to personal preference, if your carpet has mold, bugs or other serious problems, you should get it out of there as soon as you can.

When to Ditch the Carpet in Your Home

While you may love the carpet in your home, things need to be replaced every once in a while. If your carpet is moldy, dirty, old or simply worn, now might be the time to move it on out. Don’t worry — there are plenty more flooring options out there to move onto.

About The Author: Evelyn Long is the editor-in-chief of Renovated, a magazine for home improvement and décor advice. More of her work can be found on Twitter.
Photo by Devon Janse van Rensburg on Unsplash

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