Top 7 Must-have Accessories for Every Home

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Are you looking for the best home accessories for your home? When accessorizing your home, it’s a good idea to consider both the form and function of an item. This way, you can spend money on items that aren’t just useful but also increase the aesthetic appeal of living space.

Here in this post, we have compiled a list of seven such accessories that you should consider having in your home. Read on.

  1. Houseplants

Indoor plants don’t just look great; they also boost mood, creativity, and productivity.

Researchers say that rooms having houseplants have comparatively less dust & mold than those without any foliage. Many plants also help clear the air by filtering out allergens, toxins, and other microscopic, airborne particles.

Keeping plants at home has more benefits than you can possibly imagine.

When it comes to their decorative purposes, houseplants are no doubt visually appealing. With the right indoor plants, you may no longer need to install artificial air fresheners either.  

You can choose indoor plants that complement the existing décor of a room.

If a living space has a classic or Victorian theme, for instance, vines and ferns will most probably look great.

However, if a room under consideration has a modern décor, consider opting for bold colored flowers.

Must-have Accessories for Every Home

With an earthy design (as shown in the picture above), cactuses will look great.

  1. Mirrors

Mirrors are among the best accessories for all kinds of homes. No, mirrors aren’t just for checking your appearances. They can do a lot more if you position them correctly inside your home.

Mirrors can, for instance, create light, space, texture, and character once you know how to position them correctly within your home.

You can use mirrors to highlight your favorite ornaments, artwork, and other accessories by projecting the light on to them.

Mirrors can also be an affordable way to make a small space look bigger, be it a bedroom, a dining room, or a living room; a floor-to-ceiling mirror, for example, can make a small space look twice as big.   

You can even use them to direct natural light coming in through a window to the dark corner of the house.

  1. Candles

You can light some candles across rooms to make your home smell good.

But, did you know that candles can also augment the visual appeal of living space even if they are just kept there?

Even when candles aren’t emitting any light or fragrances, their design can still complement the room décor. From a collection of small-sized candles to tall pillars with decorative candle-holders, you can incorporate this accessory in any way you like.

Candles have for long been associated with romance. They are known to help create a calm ambiance.

Just make sure not to keep a burning candle near fabrics, upholstered furniture, or any other inflammable material.

  1. Area Rugs

If you have installed a hard-surface floor (e.g. hardwood, tile, or laminate), consider investing in an area rug.

Accessorizing a living space with rugs and carpets is one of the best ways to make it more comfortable and luxurious.

If you aren’t sure whether you should cover your beautiful floor (you spent a great amount of money on) with an area rug, you should read a little about the benefits of area rugs! For starters, they don’t just add warmth and comfort to a living space.

Area rugs also help reduce noise, prevent allergies, cover imperfections, increase safety (for children), enhance room décor, brighten a dark room, and augment your color scheme.

When positioned correctly, they can be used to anchor the main piece of furniture or a focal point inside a room.

  1. Upholstered Furniture

Yes, such accessories don’t come cheap.

So, if you aren’t prepared to invest in a new set of an upholstered sofa, chairs, beds, etc., consider reupholstering an old piece of furniture. Just don’t spend money on furniture items that are either in a dilapidated condition or can’t possibly be in used again.

Upholstered furniture can blend well with different color palettes and design schemes. They can add a luxurious appeal to your bedroom or living room. You just have to consult experienced upholsterers who can help you choose the right fabric and guide you through an upholstery project.

  1. Window Treatments

Custom window treatments such as blinds, drapes, curtains, etc. can help regulate the flow of air and light into space.

They are great at adding personality and character to any living space without having to make any costly structural changes.

If you have been postponing a window replacement project for some time because you want to take up all major home improvement tasks a few years later, window treatment, for the time being, can improve the interior design of a room quickly and affordably.

  1. Vases

When searching for accessories for decorative purposes, flower vases can be counted among the safest choices.

Tall, wide, or small, they can be placed on tables, cabinets, or in room-corners in matching themes.

You can fill flower vases with fresh or artificial flowers to create a calm and colorful ambiance in a room. The mere sight of flowers in your home will create a feeling of calm and happiness.

Just one flower vase can make an otherwise dull corner look great. 

Final Words 

Accessorizing your home with items that blend well with the existing decor while enhancing the personality of living spaces does not have to be expensive. Often, you can find such accessories on a budget.

Lastly, don’t try to invest in various accessories all at once. Take your time and buy one piece at a time. Every time, choose something that truly adds some value to your home.

About The Author: Michelle is an interior designer at Westlake Village Upholstery and Drapery with over 20 years experience in fabric and custom window treatments. She offers clients in Southern California a new experience in traditional and modern design.
Images by Adrien Villez from Pixabay & Denise Husted from Pixabay

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