How to Decorate Your Living Space and Make It Better for Quarantine

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There’s a global pandemic sweeping across the world right now. The novel coronavirus has effectively caused borders to shut down, countries to go on total lockdowns, and people to stay at home and go on quarantines.

We believe, though, that there’s hope at the end of this dark tunnel and that there are solid ways that we can do in order to make the best of what we have, such as making our home, most especially our living room, more comfortable and suitable for quarantine and even for working remotely. Let’s get started.

Carpets and Rugs

If there’s something that you can add to any room to make a huge impact style-wise, that would be a carpet or a rug. It doesn’t just elevate your room’s flair, but it will also add more warmth and comfort compared to just having cold, hard, uncarpeted floors.

You can opt for a traditional area rug that can help divide a large living space into different sections (for instance, if you want to dedicate a space to your home office), or you can choose to layer carpets and rugs of different patterns and textures to add interest and personality.


Most people gravitate towards focusing on the couch or other types of furniture designed for sitting when it comes to choosing pieces for their living room. However, we believe that any trendsetter knows the important role that tables play within a living space.

Work Desk

While a desk is not a living room staple, it is an important piece to add if you’re thinking of setting up a home office. There are different desk options and styles that will suit any room aesthetic and available space. From standalone hand-carved desk tables to wall-mounted desks that you can fold up if you’re not currently working, there’s certainly a desk out there that matches your needs and style preferences.

Center Table

If a desk is optional, here’s a surface that’s not: a center table. It doesn’t just serve to hold living room essentials, like your remote or your phone, when needed, but it also serves as a platform to create and display a vignette on.

  • Here’s a pro tip: For added flair, you can trade your center table for an ottoman. It’s more unconventional and unexpected. It offers more storage. And most of all, it adds some softness to an otherwise edgy space.

Console Table

Here’s another must-have piece for any living room. We have mentioned above that area rugs can help anchor and define a space, but if you really want a more effective division, then using a console table to serve as a divider is the best way to go. It also creates a more intimate ambiance, and of course, provides extra space to display more home décor.

Home Accessories

Speaking of home décor, it’s always fun to dress up your living space with various home accessories, don’t you think? Just remember to keep these words in mind: “It’s quality over quantity”. It’s not how much décor you have, but your ability to restrain yourself from cluttering your space and your eye to curate special pieces and put them together in vignettes are what’s more important. Clutter is not equal to opulence. Taste is.


Here’s the thing, each space deserves an accent piece that can serve as the focal point of the room. This accent piece can be anything. A hand-carved desk. A bold-patterned rug in a completely white minimalist space. Or it can even be an accent wall.

We usually prefer our accent piece to be a lighting fixture, though, because lighting plays a huge role in setting the mood of a room. Plus, if it’s a chandelier, it doesn’t occupy any precious floor space. It’s a win-win.

Wall Art

Since we are already talking about decorative pieces that don’t occupy floor and surface space, we believe it’s the perfect time to mention wall art as well. Here are some ideas:

  • Motivational Quotes. Do not underestimate the comforting power of words, especially during the quarantine. Just make sure to choose calligraphy and typography styles that match the aesthetic that you’re going for.
  • Large-scale Art. Contemporary art is the way to go. Choose prints and artworks that use more laid-back colors for a more relaxing vibe. And for that extra oomph, get a very large piece that can occupy your entire wall. Don’t worry, the muted colors will help balance the size of your wall art and it won’t make it look overwhelming.
  • Collections. Finally, if there’s one thing that can be very comforting especially during these hard times, it’s memories of better days. And what better way to remind yourself of these sweet moments of your past than by displaying the mementos that you have accumulated? Whether those are baskets, plates, or weird woven hats, don’t be afraid to display them on your wall. Allow your décor to tell your life’s story.

It’s a very stressful and dangerous world that we live in, but you can still make the best out of the situation by transforming your living space into a safe and calming sanctuary that you and your family can seek refuge in. Just keep the tips and ideas that we have shared above in mind and we’re sure that you will be able to do just that and more. Stay safe!

About The Author: Leila Amber is a Design Trend Setter at Carpet Centre and a passionate writer, home decor and design enthusiast. She has a keen interest in the content that inspires her to dig deeper into the practice and create helpful design and decor guides.
Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash

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