How to Improve Your Bedroom on a Budget in 10 Steps

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Your bedroom doesn’t have to stay the same forever because a decor change isn’t within your budget.  Changes have to happen, and although spending money may seem like the fastest way to make that happen- it doesn’t have to be!  You can make your bedroom into the oasis you deserve to come home to every night without breaking the bank- here are the steps you should take so you can go to sleep in a completely new feeling room.

Fix Fixtures

Inexpensive and seemingly small, this change can affect the feeling of your entire room.  Change out fixtures like door and cabinet knobs, lightbulbs, and hooks for your clothing.  This change is usually less than twenty dollars and can be completed quickly, yet still can make a big impression on your room’s aesthetics.  Go for colors and designs that stand out and suit you.  

Deep Clean

The most surefire way to make a room feel brand new, especially if it hasn’t been deep cleaned in a while, is to get cleaning.  Wash everything from the floorboards to the curtains, and pay close attention to detail.  This option can take longer than some of these other changes, but it will make a room feel like you just moved in.  Instead of worrying because you have to choose the right mattress for you, you can focus on scrubbing your walls down with a Mister Clean magic eraser to get rid of any marks you’ve made through the years.

Go For Pops of Color

Color is essential in design because it can affect how we feel, how we’re perceived, and how we perceive others.  Use color in your room to match how you want your room to feel.  Soothing muted greens and blue are great if you want to encourage yourself to sleep quickly, while brighter colors might bring out your creative side if your bedroom doubles as your office.  You can achieve this inexpensively by using photos, buying cheap prints, or getting something new.

Create Something New

Art is expensive!  Instead of trying to figure out how you can afford several hundred dollars for a large canvas of art, make your own.  There are tons of tutorials out there. If you’re worried about creativity, you can even follow a Bob Ross tutorial on youtube to make something that’s both nostalgic and beautiful.

Look At Second Hand Shops

Just because something has had a previous owner doesn’t mean it’s worth any less.  Look around at second-hand stores for things that inspire you.  Don’t just buy anything pretty; consider how it would fit into your space, and if you’d be excited to see it almost every day.  If the item fits your vision for yourself, get it!

Give Something Old New Life

If you have something old, it was either too costly to part with, or you love the structure of it, give it new life by painting or refinishing it.  An old chair may be close to your heart, but a little ugly to look at- reupholster it yourself, and save a ton of money while getting a beautifully updated chair.

Change The Layout

Consider the layout of your bedroom, and if it works for your daily life.  Don’t get too attached to the placement of anything.  It may help to sketch out your plans ahead of time, so you can figure out what looks the best and flows the easiest.  If you aren’t sure what to change, you can post a layout picture on social media and ask your friends to help redesign your layout!  People love helping others with design, so don’t be surprised if several people reply to help out!

Paint Minimally

Although a bucket of paint is expensive, you can get a sample for as low as five or six dollars.  Ask for one of these, and limit how much you can paint.  The great idea is to paint a large graphic design, like palm leaves or whatever else speaks to you.  This tip will let you have an accent wall without having to break the bank on paint.

Try New Textures

Don’t be afraid to try new textures!!  The average soft fluffy rug is expensive, but if you just bought a silky faux-fur fabric by the yard and finished the ends, you could make yourself one for far cheaper!  Think about varying pictures in and out of frames, mixing this with 3d objects you can also hang on your walls.

Think About Habits

How do you walk through your room?  Do you get up from bed a lot to get water or go to the bathroom?  Do you share a bed with someone who gets up earlier than you who would disturb you if they had to walk around the bed to get ready in the morning?  Consider what changes would make your life easier and follow through with those.  


It may seem overwhelming to do a complete overhaul on your bedroom, but sometimes that change is all we need.  A new feeling bedroom may inspire you to make changes in other parts of your life, from your job to your relationships- it’s good to embrace change and try new things!


About The Author: Kristina Marshall is a stay-at-home blogger. After having kids, she began sharing some of my diy tricks for around the house with people in the community. She actually started answering some questions on Yahoo and Quora, now she writes full articles on tips for around the house, lifestyle tips, etc.
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