What Type of Filters Do You Use for Hard Water?

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If there is one thing that our bodies need to work at their best, it is good quality water. These days, a lot of water sources prove to be unsafe and unsuitable for our skin and body. Some people go to the extent of buying bottled water which could be costly in the long run. Thankfully, brilliant minds discovered water filters and have been a game-changer for a lot of home and business owners. If you are curious to get to know about the types of water filters that you can use to treat hard water and combat its effects, we have all the answers for you. We have outlined various types of filters and how they work to treat hard water.

Water Filters for Hard Water Treatment

There has been plenty of discussions about hard water treatment. Since water filters are one of the most effective ways to treat them, let’s go ahead and get to know more about them!

Water Pitcher Filter

This is probably the most convenient and easily accessible filter one can use to treat hard water. The water pitcher filter is the most inexpensive form of water filter today. This remains a favorite for many because it is very portable and easy to carry. It works great for camping trips, outdoor activities, and other occasions. But if you need a larger amount of water to cater to a big group of people, you can always get one or two to sustain it. This filters hard water through a water reservoir resting on the top part of it and filtering it through an activated carbon filter cartridge. Though an effective way of doing it, it is not ideal for those who want to filter a large volume of water.

Under-Sink Water Filter

Speaking of large volumes of water, this can handle that job easily. It can easily be installed under the sink while it filters water through the process of reverse osmosis. This filters water from beneath and sends it to different faucet outlets nearby. As for its price, you can pick among a range of standard to premium under-sink water filters which come at different prices. Just make sure to do a simple test before buying one because some models make noise that can be distracting for others. Understanding its installation process is vital as some models may require you to make changes in your plumbing. Other than those considerations, this remains a great pick for those who want to keep a clean and minimalist look in their sinks.

Whole-House Water Filter

 A game-changer for those who want a filtration system to cater to the whole place, the whole-house water filter is perfect for the job. It uses reverse osmosis filters located in the main water source. Water will go through the filter and then is sent out through pipes into different parts of the home. This is effective in filtering out high iron, calcium, and chlorine levels. But with the highly efficient function comes a more complicated installation compared to other water filter types. In addition to this, it also costs a lot more than others because of its wide coverage and large water volume filtration capacity. It is always great to go for the best; you can check the SoftPro brand to see your options.

Faucet-Integrated Water Filter

Restaurant and other commercial owners love this filter as much as homeowners love it. This is because this type can easily be placed onto a faucet. The water that comes out of it will go through carbon filters for standard types or a series of filters for high-end units. As easy as the installation for this type is, you should still consider its compatibility with your faucet. Despite being portable and easily attached or detached, it was not made to fit every faucet. And this is not too ideal for places with low water pressure because it can decrease the existing water pressure.

Shower Water Filter

As we have discussed a huge deal of water being filtered, this one can cater to your bathing needs. Hard water can result to the skin drying out and irritated, and the same effect happens to the hair. This makes this essential for those who care for their hair and skin. It can easily be installed onto the shower to filter water that is free of chemicals, fluoride, and chlorine that causes it. This can be attached and detached easily so you can take it anywhere with you. The only downside for this would be that the water pressure gets reduced while in use. 

Countertop Water Filter

You may be frustrated with the prices of high-end and bigger water filters, but there is always an alternative. The countertop water filter is here to save the day. This serves as a great addition to your interior, even if you put it on top of your counter or sink. This features several reverse osmosis filters that amount to almost the same quantity of filtered water that high-end filters produce. Even if it comes with better aesthetics, there is the consideration needed for space. This requires more space, so if you have a small area or a crowded area on your countertop, this may not be a good option for you. It also entails a bit more complicated installation, not to mention the price that it comes at. This leans toward a bit pricey side. 


Hard water has always been a problem for many because of its overall effects to a person’s skin, hair, health, and overall well-being. There are different methods to treat hard water and if you are looking for one that can effectively do it for you, then try considering the options we mentioned above. These water filters have proven to be effective in thousands of households across the globe. Now, the one thing left for you to do is choose which one suits your needs and preferences best. Always go for one with excellent quality to make sure you only get good quality water for your use. 


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