Why Propane Is The Best Heat Source

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When you’re looking at updating your home or considering moving- a big thing to consider is your heat source. Although the most common heating source in America is electricity- you shouldn’t let that be your only option. Propane brings a lot to the table- here’s why it’s the best heat source there is on the market.

It’s Inexpensive

Cheaper than both coal and electricity, propane will save you money. Instead of having to freeze in winter to cut down on your energy bill, you can enjoy a heated house. It uses less fuel to heat a home and is at a higher heat point, which allows it to burn longer. By getting a propane delivery, you can make sure to save money while keeping toasty.

In some studies, scientists found that eight hours of heating a home with electricity averaged around $2.00 while heating a home with propane for eight hours would cost around $1.60. It may not sound like much when talking about forty cents, but that money adds up. The larger the appliance you account for, and the longer it’s on, the more money you’re likely to save.

It Heats Well

Propane offers an even and smooth heat that doesn’t leave one room of your house feeling hot while another is frozen. By burning at a higher temperature, it takes less propane to heat your home and can make sure your house is warmer faster on a cold day.

Propane is also a central selling point should you choose to move, with houses heated by propane costing less money on average than a home heated with electricity.

It’s Better For the Earth

In the last thirty years, people have become wholly focused on how they can do their part to keep the earth clean and thriving. Propane brings a lot to the table. By being cleaner burning than oil, and greener to produce than electricity, propane beats out the others. By burning slower, it also makes sure it lasts longer and has to get produced less.

It’s a clear winner for the earth.

Propane has a significantly lower carbon footprint, gives off almost no greenhouse gases, and has meager global warming potential.


Most homes that heat with propane have thorough notes on when it’s been looked at and repaired. Heavy notetaking like this can ensure that future homeowners know what to expect, and also make sure that current owners can rest knowing they’re safe.

If you’re nervous or are from a home that’s never used propane heating before, you can easily install gas sensors that will let you know if anything is leaking.

It’s all about maintenance and being smart about your home. If you take care of it, you won’t see any trouble.

Regardless of what your goal is for your home, you can help the environment, and your bills, by using propane.

About The Author: Written By Clayton R.
Image by planet_fox from Pixabay

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