An Alternative way to clean the water in your home

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If you’re looking for ways to clean the water in your house, look no further: this article will take you through the best water treatment methods and how you can drink and use cleaner water today! Whether you want softer water or are just generally concerned about your water’s cleanliness, we’ve got you covered – say goodbye to your worries, as you deserve to know that you’re drinking safe water!

Why do you need A Water Treatment?

So, water treatments. There are many different water treatments you can choose from, so let’s first take a look at what water treatment actually is. Water treatment is a process that improves water quality so that it is okay for specific end-use – this may be to drink, water recreation, industrial water supply, and it includes water being safely returned to the environment – a big advantage for our planet. So, what are the water treatments available?

If you’re worried about the water you’re drinking, there are several different methods to combat this. For example, both scientific processes and technological methods can improve your water, with these being the most effective water purification methods that have stood the test of time.

Popular Technology: (RO)Reverse Osmosis, Distillation and Water Purification

Within the technological methods, certain types of water are tested and improved. Desalination treats saline water to make it into pure water. Commonly, reverse osmosis or distillation are used in this process. Reverse osmosis involves water being pushed through a semi-permeable membrane and removes its bacteria. It retains the nutrients whilst getting rid of the harmful impurities which you wouldn’t want to consume. Distillation, on the other hand, involves collecting condensed water after evaporation, making sure that the water is not contaminated; despite this, this method is time-consuming and may not be the most practical for homeowners.

Physical Process to filter water is eco-friendlier for our environment

When thinking about the processes, chemical, physical, and biological processes are all methods that spring to mind immediately. Disinfection for killing bacteria and other pathogens is common, mentioned above with the disinfectant tablet. Additionally, pre-chlorination is also a common method for improving water by stopping biological growth. A physical process can include dissolved air flotation which removes suspended solids from your water, whilst filtration removes particles from water by passing it through a designed filter that may be washable – you can get specially designed water bottles with filters in them, allowing you to fill up your bottle straight from the tap with no worries whatsoever. Water filters are actually a lot more eco-friendlier than the actual plastic bottle, and whilst some filters are better for the environment than others, a reusable filter is still bound to produce less waste than continuously buying plastic bottled water at the supermarket.

Alternative ways to clean the water in your home

So, What is the best way to purify the water?

An electric water purifier seems like an obvious choice to purchase if you’re worried about how pure your water is, and this object can be found in many homes today. A water purifier cleans your water through UV and UF filtration and carbon block which eliminates chemicals and impurities to make your water safe for drinking.

However, if you’re wondering how to make your water softer as well, there are definitely treatments out there for this issue. Water softeners seem like the obvious purchase for hard water treatment, although a water softener system can be a big investment and often not something that people are willing to pay the price for. So, what are the alternatives? In order to find a sustainable solution for your family, especially if you have a private household, you might have a look at this eco-friendly technology. It can be easily installed on the main water entrance into your house or after the pump of your well, no plumbing is required, no electricity maintenance or chemicals. You can still enjoy your bathroom, while improving a whole water quality in your house.

Traditional Way vs New Tech?

Simply boiling your water is proven to be a good method for killing bacteria – and it is probably the simplest action you could take too. You’d just have to make sure that you boil the water for a good amount of time to ensure that it is as pure as possible, especially as higher temperatures are more likely to make bacteria and viruses dissipate rather than lower temperatures. However, even though this method is simple and quick, it doesn’t remove all impurities as some do tend to settle at the bottom of the water.

New technologies listed above may be seen as the best way forward when considering how to purify your water since they don’t use harmful chemicals and get the job done without difficulty.


So, there you have it. If you’re worried that your normal tap water isn’t safe to drink, resist the temptation of buying supermarket bottled water – apply the methods above to make your water safe to drink today as well as doing your bit to help the environment!

About The Author: Martin Lee grew up in a mountainous area in Canada. His childhood memory grants him a chance to fall in with nature. You can see how he pays his attention and love to the environment. He writes mainly about the Home/Garden/Nature-related topics to resonate with the beauty of our earth.
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