10 Energy Saving Interior Design Secrets

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Energy costs can be a big drain on your monthly budget. Chances are, you have thought of lots of ways to cut down on your energy bill. One of the most creative ways to keep your energy costs is through interior design. In fact, there are a number of clever ways you can keep your home warm in the winter and cool during the summer. Here are 10 energy-saving interior design secrets that work.

1). Use Light-Colored Sofa Covers During the Summer

By using light-colored covers, you can deflect the light away from your sofa and keep your room cooler. Consider covers that are easy to install and remove. That will allow you to change out these covers through different seasons.

2). Add Thick Curtains to Lower Sun Exposure

To help reduce the amount of summer heat that comes into your home, consider thick blackout curtains. These curtains can greatly reduce your need for air conditioning during the day. Heavy curtains can be found at affordable prices at most department stores and online.

3). Use Wall Coverings to Improve Insulation

You can use wall coverings such as rugs, paintings, and tapestry to help improve the insulation of your home. Consider flexible wall coverings such as lightweight rugs which you can easily take out and put down as they are needed.

4). Use Throw Rugs During the Winter

If you don’t want to walk on cold wood or tile floors during the winter, then you can add throw rugs that can keep your feet comfy without turning up the heat. You can easily roll up and put the rugs away when the temperature goes back up.

5). Install Energy Efficient Windows

Did you know that windows are responsible for 25-30% of residential energy heating and cooling use? You can greatly reduce that number by installing energy-efficient windows. You will want to check the energy efficiency level of any window before selecting it for your home.

6). Use Heavy Blankets In Winter

During the winter, you don’t have to turn up the heat at night. Simply place heavy blankets or a thick comforter on your bed. This will allow you to stay warm without boosting your heating bill. Consider a heavy blanket or comforter that matches your bedroom furniture to create one cohesive appearance.

7). Install Ceiling Fans

During the summer, ceiling fans can provide an energy-efficient way to keep the house cool. You can turn the ceiling fan on a high setting during the middle of the day. At night, you can set the ceiling fan on low or turn it off. Best of all, there are a number of different types of ceiling fans available. You should be able to easily find a ceiling fan that matches the décor of your rooms.

8). Install Sky Lights

If you ever decide to remodel your home, then you will want to consider adding a skylight at strategic places such as the kitchen or the living room. A skylight can reduce your need for daytime lighting. You can use 3D product rendering to see how the room while look with the skylight before installation.

9). Reduce Heat with LED Lights

One clever way to reduce heat in your room is to replace all the incandescent lights with LED lights. These LED lights can greatly reduce the amount of heat. That can help keep the temperature of your room regulated.

10). Tint Windows

If you don’t want to spend the money on installing new windows, you can install tint on windows with high sun exposure. There are tints with varying degrees of darkness. A typical tint only lets in 70% of the light. However, you can use darker tint that can block up to 95% of the light into your home. This can lead to significant savings on your cooling bill.

Using Interior Design to Keep Your Energy Costs Down

With the right approach to interior design, you can create a home that is not only well-designed and comfortable but amazingly fuel-efficient. Try at least a couple of examples listed above. You will be surprised by how a couple of small steps can lead to big savings.

About The Author: Amy Sloane is an alum from Oregon State University and spends her free time as a freelance writer and knitting enthusiast. Amy loves reading, cooking, and spending time with her dog, Molly. 
Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

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