How To Clean Shower Doors In 60 Seconds

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How To In 60 Seconds

Alure’s Doug Cornwell is once again inside his favorite room in the house — the bathroom. Listen to Doug preach about preventive maintenance as he shows us how to clean shower doors in 60 seconds.

What you’ll need:
– Water
– Sponge
– Soap
– Squeegee
– Clean rags
– Shower and glass cleaner

1. Add water with a little bit of mild soap to a sponge
– Hint: Make sure to only add a little bit of soap so it’s mild

2. Use the sponge to wet the shower doors
– Hint: This will remove some of the surface grime

3. Use a squeegee to remove the soap and water.
– Hint: This will take away the water spots and soap scum.  If you do this after every shower, you will safe yourself a lot of time when cleaning.

4. Spray the showroom doors with a shower and glass cleaner.
-Hint: This will leave a protective coating to help keep the doors clean.

5. Take a clean cloth or rag and wipe down the doors.
– Hint: Make sure the whole area is clean.

6. Use another clean dry cloth to remove any excess cleaner.
– Hint: This will help get rid of streaks.

And now your doors and nice and clean!  Check back for more 60 second fixes from Doug Cornwell.

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