Which bathtub style is right for your new bathroom?

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While one trend in bathroom design has been to install freestanding showers in master bathrooms because they’re more practical than tubs for everyday use, the bath tub hasn’t disappeared from bathrooms in any sense.

Bathtubs, in fact, are still very popular for a variety of uses. Some people like having this bathing option for its added relaxation and serenity, while others need it for washing their young children or their physical therapy needs. Regardless of the reasoning behind them, bathtubs can offer families and homeowners features that showers simply can’t. Alure Home Improvements’ custom bathroom design expert Ken Gold outlined some of the most popular styles and features found in modern bathrooms and why these could work in  your home. 

Popular tub styles 
Although a large number of bathtubs are on the market, Gold explained in an interview that there are a few that have remained the most popular among people building custom bathrooms.

  • Utilitarian tubs are a great choice for bathrooms where washing little children is important. Gold pointed to this option as a normal choice for many young families who may need to wash one or more small children at once. Standing at just 14 inches, it’s relatively low and makes Mom or Dad’s job of washing easier and more convenient.
  • For people who are looking for an “experience” more than just washing, Gold pointed to whirlpools. These large tubs have multiple speed settings for their many jets. In addition to being relaxing, they can offer benefits to athletes or those who do physical therapy and could use vigorous jets on their muscles.
  • A third bathtub option includes ones that use air or bubble systems to create an effervescent feeling. These tubs have many pin-sized holes in the bottom that push air out and create a unique bathing experience that can be particularly relaxing and gentle. Gold compared bathing in an air or bubble tub to being submerged in champagne.
  • There are other tubs that mix the water jets of a whirlpool with the air bubbles of the air system to create a hybrid and versatile tub that allows for vigorous or gentle bathing.
  • Slipper tubs are similar to older clawfoot tubs. These freestanding options are elegant and can be a great statement piece in a bathroom.
  • Undermount tubs are built similarly to undermount sinks. Rather than sitting above the decking, these tubs are built right into the materials and can look gorgeous and seamless, Gold said.
  • Infinity tubs are also an option. Similar to an infinity pool, infinity tubs purposely overflow and recirculate the water to create a beautiful high-level water look without any risk of flooding.

Of course, with all of these options to choose from, it can be hard for people to decide which option suits them, their home and their family best.

“People should think of the kind of experience they want in the tub before they go tub shopping,” Gold advised prospective bathroom renovators. “Whether it’s utilitarian, they have an hour to kill, or if it’s for relaxation or physical therapy – they’ve got to decide what it’s going to be used for. Then, their designer can steer them in the right direction.”

Finding the right tub can be just the thing to give your bathroom makeover that relaxing and serene place you were looking to create.

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