Different bathtub styles and which one is best for you

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A bathroom redesign opens a whole world of possibilities for homeowners. It is an opportunity to incorporate design elements and make renovations that they have always wanted to make. One of these renovations might be installing a new bathtub. Whether you want a bigger tub to relax and unwind in or if you’re looking for something a little more economical in terms of space, a bathroom remodel is the perfect time to get the tub you’ve always dreamed of. Understand the differences between styles of tubs to determine which one would work best in your new bathroom.

“Corner tubs are the perfect way to get a larger tub without taking up too much space.”

Just like the name suggests, corner tubs are bathtubs that are installed in one of the corners in a restroom. They are typically similar in size to the whirlpool tub without all the fancy gadgets. These types of tubs are triangularly shaped and come in a variety of alcove and drop-in designs.

You can have a spa day right in your own home with this type of tub. Whirlpool baths are often larger and have the capacity to accommodate more than one person. These tubs come equipped with high power jets that blow water to create soothing bubbles and massage patterns. Often, whirlpools will have inline water heaters and multi-level controls, so that homeowners get the ultimate control over the bath they take. This type of luxury comes at a hefty price, though.

This type of tub is classical. There is no question that clawfoot tubs add beauty to your bathroom, and like the freestanding tub options, they are great for homeowners who enjoy soaking. Clawfoot tubs are usually available in a number of different styles, such as copper, porcelain and acrylic.

This modern design of a clawfoot tub adds style and beauty to this bathroom remodel.
This modern design of a clawfoot tub adds style and beauty to this bathroom remodel.

Artistic and modern are two of the qualities that describe the design of freestanding tubs. This style of bathtub is fixed away from a wall and other bathroom elements. It stands alone in the middle of the room. This tub is excellent for long soaking sessions, and bathrooms that need a design boost would benefit from this stylish option.

Homeowners who appreciate the benefits of a style and comfort should understand the benefits of the different tub varieties. More knowledge in this area will help them better choose the right tub for their bathroom remodel.

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