How to Design a Bathroom for More Storage

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We use our bathrooms several times a day, so it should come as no surprise that they are often the least tidy rooms in the house. It doesn’t help if storage space is lacking. But that doesn’t mean cluttered countertops or a floor littered with towels should be your norm. With just a few space-saving tricks, you can design a bathroom space that provides convenient storage for towels, makeup, extra linen, cleaning products, and many other bathroom essentials.

Think Vertical

Smart bathroom design makes use of vertical spaces—for example, above the door and the toilet, and under the sink. These are great areas for implementing cabinets, shelves, or other organizers. For smart use of vertical space, you can:

  • Install a johnny cabinet over the toilet – This is an ideal option for bathrooms with no linen closet.
  • Add hooks – Stick hooks on the wall to hang robes and towels. For design interest and a little sparkle, go with metallic hues.
  • Consider ladder shelving – With shelves deeper at the bottom than the top, ladder shelving feels less bulky than traditional standing shelves but will give you lots of space for storing shampoo bottles, towels, soaps, and more.
  • Utilize wall space – Open wall space is prime real estate for small shelves, which add both storage and a decorative touch.

Simple Solutions

For storing smaller items, there are a number of inexpensive solutions suitable for bathrooms.

  • Baskets – As interior designers often advise, baskets always work. So, place a sturdy, attractive basket on the floor for storing toilet paper, or put a small basket under the sink to stash makeup, razors, brushes, and combs.
  • Wheel in a bar cart – Yes, a bar cart. A bar cart works well in bathrooms with little or no cabinets or shelves. Just wheel it close to the shower when you need to reach shampoos and such, and wheel it out of the way when you’re finished.

Help from Home Improvement Pros

Sometimes, no matter what solutions you implement, your storage space still falls short of your needs. That’s when you can turn to the professionals at Alure Home Improvements. We have helped countless homeowners throughout Long Island customize their bathrooms to include more storage space and improve their bathrooms’ functionality, comfort, and appearance. Whether you want well-crafted cabinets or more floor space, we can provide the solution that will convert a cramped bathroom into a spacious and attractive haven with the storage capacity you need. We will seamlessly handle the entire project, from the planning and design to permitting and installation. Contact Alure Home Improvements for more information.

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