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One of the most exciting parts about a bathroom renovation is that you’re able to add a completely new design to your home. Your new bathroom can blend in directly with the rest of your house’s style or sit separately as a unique theme.

A popular bathroom design option is to make your new space a natural, earthy oasis. This room can have all of the comforts and electronics that make a bathroom spa-like or luxurious, but it also takes its design inspiration from nature, in everything from the surfaces to the color scheme. Here are a few factors you’ll want to make sure you have if you design a natural-looking bathroom.

Stone surfaces  
From the tiles to the floor, you’ll want to focus on stone. While wood can help create an earthy feel in other rooms of your home, it isn’t the best option for a bathroom. Water and humidity can warp or damage the wood. However, stone can create a natural vibe that’s reminiscent of a fresh and soothing river. Also, certain stone flooring options can allow for better amenities, including radiant heating.

Small touches and large decisions can create the perfect bathroom for your home.
Small touches and large decisions can create the perfect bathroom for your home.

Talk to your bathroom designer about what would work best for your walls and shower. While some people may want actual stone, natural rock can be difficult to maintain in the bathroom. Bathroom design experts recommend against using natural stone heavily. Although, river rock is a popular shower flooring option. Some homeowners may prefer a smoother, more versatile tile surface in a cool color.

Quartz or granite can also be excellent countertop options for a natural bathroom design. It will give the space a clean, sleek and natural feel while functioning optimally for your needs.

Minimalist amenities 
When you set out to make your new bathroom an earthy retreat, you want to capture the minimalism of nature without losing the benefits of a new bathroom. Design experts recommended that you couple minimalist, natural designs with understated luxuries, such as:

  • Less shower is more – Get rid of the glass barriers in your shower to create a more open space that seamlessly transitions into the rest of the room.
  • Texture, not tile – Earthy, textured wallpaper is making a significant comeback for natural bathroom design. Try to limit your tile to the shower and use other materials for the walls.
  • Plenty of water fixtures – In the shower, add water fixtures that make you feel as comfortable as possible. One bathroom design expert said people can use lots of different water sources in the shower such as rain heads, waterfall heads and even a horizontal shower “where you lay on a bench and the water falls from the ceiling giving you the feeling of laying in warm heavenly rain.”
  • Stylish wood storage – Add display cubbies or a wooden vanity for a warmer tone and some useful storage.

Earthy tones
Aside from stone and rocky colors, there are a number of earthy tones that you can incorporate into your new bathroom design. From wall paint and tile to towels and bath mats, an earthy color scheme should be cohesive and stylish.

“Popular earth tones for bathrooms are green, brown, gray and blue.”

Some of the most popular earth tones for bathrooms are various hues of green, brown, gray and blue. Talk with your bathroom designer about how to best use these colors. You can create a bathroom that reminds you of the beach with blue walls and sandy tile or one that feels more like the forest with mossy greens and deep browns.

The best way to give your bathroom a natural feel is to incorporate some real plants. You can either add small potted flowers around your sink and windowsill or work with your designer to a find a more complex apparatus to hold an entire wall of green life.

Many people opt for a small indoor tree or two that can survive the humidity and inject literal life into the space. Homeowners may like the strong green accent color and natural comfort that a plant can provide their space.

Natural light 
Other than plants, another natural aspect that should be in an earthy bathroom design is sunlight. Whether streaming in through a skylight or a large window, it can give you some passive solar heating and a welcoming glow each morning.

Bring sunlight into your bathroom for extra warmth and comfort.
Bring sunlight into your bathroom for extra warmth and comfort.

Your designer can help you decide where the best spaces are structurally to add a new window or how to maximize the windows you already have. Talk about obscure window options that can provide the privacy you need in the bathroom as well as the sunlight you want.

Proper scenery 
Whether through a window, some home photography or a landscape painting, scenery can help you truly create your natural oasis. This will enhance and accent the subtler touches, such as stone and wall color, to pull together the entire design.

Talk to your designer to create the perfect natural getaway. From selecting the right shower design to the type of sink, you can build a relaxing earthy bathroom together.

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