Products that Make Your Bathroom Safer

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More accidents and injuries occur in bathrooms than any other room in the house. With hard, often-slippery surfaces, tight spaces, and lots of edges, the typical bathroom can be especially difficult for seniors and small children to navigate. But, if you’re looking to make your bathroom safer for your loved ones, there are a number of products that you can use to make their everyday tasks easier and reduce their risk of falls.


Wet floors are one of the leading causes of bathroom accidents. For a simple fix, put non-skid bath rugs on the floor – outside the bathing space, in particular. For a more permanent fix, you could also have slip-resistant tiles installed.


Good lighting is essential for safe bathroom use at night. To improve your lighting, install only high-wattage bulbs and get a plug-in LED nightlight that automatically turns on when the room grows dark.

Bathing Spaces

One easy way to make bathing safer is by putting down a rubber suction-grip mat. For extra security and support, consider having grab bars installed in and around the tub/shower. Low-threshold tubs or barrier-free showers are other installation options. These will make entering and exiting the shower easy. Other useful options include shower stools and hand-held showerheads as they allow seniors with mobility or balance issues to bathe while seated. 


An easy-to-install, raised toilet seat with arms makes it easier for seniors to sit on and get up from the toilet. A comfort-height toilet can also help in this regard. Unlike standard bowls that feature rims 14 or 15 inches high, the rim of comfort-height bowls are 17 to 19 inches high. You can also buy a toilet safety frame that you can adjust to fit the height and width of your toilet. These frames come with arms that provide support and a helpful guide for seniors with mobility or vision challenges.    

Let Alure Home Improvements Help

Since 1946, the dedicated professionals at Alure have helped countless Long Island residents enhance the safety, comfort, and functionality of their homes. To make your bathrooms safer for you and your loved ones and give you peace of mind, we can install a bathtub that features slip-resistant flooring and a low threshold for easy access, or we could provide you with a barrier-free shower. Our experienced installation team values efficiency as a part of overall workmanship and completes some of our bathroom remodels in as little as five days. For you, that means a safer bathroom now, not in a hoped-for future. Don’t you think you deserve more peace of mind? Why not learn more about our safety-enhancing bathroom products and the remodeling services we offer? Contact Alure Home Improvements today.

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