Popular Designs To Make Your Bathroom Fall-Proof

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Are you a caregiver for an elderly friend or relative? Or maybe you’ve had a recent fall and you’re looking to make your bathroom fall-proof. Whatever the reason, thanks to modern designs and technology, you can keep your bathroom aesthetically pleasing and make it fall-proof. Here’s how:

Put non-slip grips mats throughout the bathroom

Water makes smooth surfaces slippery, so placing non-slip grips or mats throughout your bathroom can help prevent falls. Today you can choose neutral and natural looking grips for your tub that will blend in with your tub aesthetic, or you could go bold with a contrasting color. One of the advantages of contrasting color with mats and grips is that it will allow you or your loved ones to see them non-slip areas clearly. Even consider the mats and look for something that matches your current decor but is non-slip and safe.

Improve lighting

Low-light or dim areas are dangerous and can lead to falls. Installing bright lights in the bathroom can help those who may struggle to see in a dim area. Additionally, adding in a motion sensor that will turn on the lights when someone walks in can prevent middle-of-the-night accidents in the dark.

Replace a towel rail with a handrail

Using a handrail instead of a towel rail allows either you or your loved ones a safe spot they can reach out and grab if they need assistance. Additionally, a handrail will be sturdy enough to hold their weight. A handrail can look modern and fashionable as well, thus keeping your overall style intact. Find a handrail that matches other designs in your bathroom, like soap dispensers and maybe even the toilet. You don’t need to rely on basic, industrial designs anymore, and can instead paint or decorate your handrails to match your style.

Use shower seating

Whether you install a folding seat that is attached to the wall, or if you have a separate one that can be removed from the shower, installing seating in the shower can help keep you or your loved one safe. If you install a seat in your shower, ensure that it is safely attached to the wall and will not come loose once someone uses it. Additionally, install a handheld showerhead and some matching handrails as well to help keep your loved ones safe and confident in the shower.

Making changes to keep you or your loved one safe

Bar soap or body wash? Bar soap can be very slippery, so making the switch to soap pumps or body wash can prevent a fall. Check the temperature of your shower. You don’t want it to reach scalding temperatures quickly and burn your loved one or make them jump and fall. Keeping things dry and warm in the shower can also prevent falls. A dry floor is safer and a warm bathroom won’t cause you or your loved one to needlessly hurry.


In conclusion, most of these changes are relatively small but can go a long way in preventing a fall in the bathroom. Keeping the bathroom safe will give you or your loved one confidence in using it and hopefully help them feel enjoyment in self-care again.


About The Author: Holly Clark is part of the content team at The Long Reach. Holly has worked as a freelance writer since graduating from university. When not writing, Holly can be found researching new travel locations.

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