DIY: How to fix your fussy faucet

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If your sink is squeaking, spraying or just plain not working, there might be something you can do. While you may need a plumber or bathroom design expert to help you tackle a bigger bathroom sink issue, there are plenty of smaller problems that you can tackle on your own.

Squeaky handles 
If you hear a loud, piercing squeak every time you turn on your hot or cold water, it may be time to apply a little elbow – and plumber’s – grease. All you need to do is remove your sink handles with a screwdriver and disassemble them so that you have the sink stem showing. Then, apply some plumber’s grease to the handle stem and reassemble the sink handle just as it was before.

Some sink issues you can tackle yourself.
Some sink issues you can tackle yourself.

When you start moving the handle next, it should be easy and quiet. It’s similar to spraying lubricant on a door hinge.

Spraying faucet 
There’s no more embarrassing sink mishap than when you turn on the faucet and it sprays all over your clothes. Luckily, it’s an easy fix to get your sink flowing properly again.

When you notice your sink spraying, turn the water off and close the stopper. Next, unscrew the aerator cap and look at it – it’s probably dirty because it can act as a filter. Rinse this piece of sink hardware to wash out the dirt and particulates that could be obstructing your water flow. The stopper will keep your aerator from falling down the pipes in case you drop it.

After it’s cleaned, all you have to do is screw it back on. As Alure Home Improvements’ Chief Operations Officer Doug Cornwell shows in the “60 Second Fix” video, the process is easy to do and works great!

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