Latest Bathroom Vanities Trends To Upgrade Your Bathroom

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The master bathroom has become a sanctuary in modern day houses – a personal space where people love to rejuvenate before starting a new day and relax after a busy day. If you are thinking to build a new bathroom or remodeling it, then installing the latest bathroom vanities is one of the ways that you can make a huge difference, both in terms of functionality and décor. Hence, we have listed the newest trends that you can choose for your bathroom:

Minimalist Style Vanities

The ultimate solution for style, storing, and soaping up your hands can only do justice when you have a well-appointed vanity inside your bathroom. A set of cabinets is a must-have thing for your bathroom. Keeping this in mind, simple yet sleek looking cabinets can be the best choice. Simplicity will always remain in trend while you look around for bathroom vanities. The clean silhouettes, sleek-looking neutral colors can make your space look larger, which is an important consideration. If you prefer shades in white, then you must consider having white countertops.

Vessel Sink

The usage of vessel sinks has been on the rise for many years and it is not going to fade away so easily. These vessel forms of sinks give a unique look to your bathroom. These sinks are mostly preferred for the powder rooms also as they are also functional. These varieties of sinks come up with fewer complaints of water spills, thereby keeping your bathroom neat and clean for a long time.

Marble Topped Vanity

For that stunning and classic look, a marble-topped vanity is the best choice. Not only that it looks astounding, but they last for generations too. It is easy to clean and maintain as there is no other vanity that beats the quality. Of course, the price will be slightly higher compared to other vanities, however, it is always worthwhile to invest in such a gorgeous piece.

Open Shelves

Open shelving is a trend that homeowners are loving. It develops an elegant arrangement of your vanity shelf. Being highly functional, it is great for storing towels, shower products, cosmetics, toilet paper, and more. To add a dash of elegance, you can put a small white flower vase or bamboo baskets on the top.

Wood Bathroom Vanities

Wood is always an appealing element in interior design. It is a great option that adds a natural tone to your bathroom. A rustic exposed wooden look can add warmth to any bathroom space. Because it is highly versatile, it can be cut and styled into any form. The combination of the concrete sink with the reclaimed wood vanity table is trending.

Re-Purposed Dressers

For those looking for budgeted bathroom utilities, re-purposing the dressers are the cheaper alternative compared to the costly ones. However, the appearance and look of the bathroom space are not hampered. The dresser can be turned into a bathroom vanity with a sink by adding that lovely retro look to your bathroom. Compared to new vanities available in the market, this option is functional and ends up looking great in your bathroom.

Vintage-Styled Vanities

Vintage bathroom vanities are in – the stark and dark wood vintage-styled accessory looks great with the white sink. You can choose the gold and bronze tones with similar light fittings and accessories for your bathroom. You can also add a big mirror a ceramic patterned tile as it can be a great alternative to your vintage looking bathroom. You can change the bathroom décor by adding a few vintage pieces, which are cheaper in comparison to the complete transformation of the bathroom to a new one.


Now that you have a better idea of the latest bathroom vanities trend, the toughest part is deciding the suitable one for your house. If you are not sure about the style, it is best that you can hire a professional to give you clarity about the style and function that fits your bathroom to the most. The above-mentioned vanity trends for the bathroom will help you to create a rejuvenating space that you will love to spend time with.

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