Consider all of your options when selecting your new bathroom sink

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When you’re creating an entirely new bathroom or powder room as part of a renovation, it’s important to make an impact with the fixtures and accessories that you choose. The style of sink that you decide to install as part of your bathroom remodeling can set the tone for the entire room – do you want it to be elegant and decorative or functional and understated?

Custom kitchen and bath designer Rosemary Michelinich explained in an interview that there are plenty of bathroom sink options available, so everyone can find one to fit their bathroom remodel ideas. If you’re on the fence about which style to choose, here’s some advice from Michelinich on her favorite sink options.

Pedestal sinks Mounting to the wall and sitting atop a pedestal, pedestal sinks work well in smaller spaces. Because they’re slender and tall, they can make the room seem much larger or open.

“To me there’s nothing more beautiful than a pedestal sink when you walk into a powder room or master bathroom,” Michelinich said.

Michelinich, who’s partial to Kohler pedestal sinks, advised that they’re the best option for unique spaces, like an area before a master bathroom, and that people should definitely move them to the top of their list if they don’t want to add any cabinets or storage. Although some see the lack of storage as a negative of pedestal sinks, Michelinich pointed to it as an advantage, showing more versatile uses for them.

Vessel sinks While pedestal sinks can help you get that elegant, regal look for a powder room or small space, Michelinich recommended vessel bowls as the centerpiece of a bathroom for an interesting focal point.

“If you are really jazzed and want to show off your bathroom in a beautiful way, a vessel sink is the way to go. They’re really pieces of art,” she said. Vessel sinks typically look like a bowl sitting on top of the counter. Often with narrow bases, they can also make more counter space available.

If you do decide that you want a vessel bowl-style sink in your new bathroom, there are still plenty of choices. These versatile sinks can be painted and designed as traditional artwork, or be more statuesque and made of stone. They can also vary in shape, with rectangular designs being popular.

Michelinich explained that while contemporary and beautiful, vessel sinks aren’t the best choice for every bathroom renovation. Over time, vessel sinks are more likely to lose their shine in busy areas, making them preferable for master bathrooms and powder rooms and may be more troublesome to keep clean.

Stylish undermount options There’s no shame in needing to be practical when redesigning a bathroom – it’s one of the most important rooms of the house. But Michelinich advised homeowners to go with a stylish undermount sink like Kohler’s Archer – a subtle, rectangular sink basin.

Undermount sinks are the most popular choice for bathrooms, and, by sitting below the solid countertop, they’re easier to clean. Michelinich recommended cast-iron undermount sink basins for a heavily trafficked bathroom, as they’re some of the most durable options on the market.

When you decide which style of bathroom sink to install in your new bathroom, consider the tone you want to set, the space you’ll have and how much you’ll use it.

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