Tips for Mold Prevention & Removal in your Bathroom

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The one place where mold can build up quickly is in your bathroom. Mold problems grow well in constantly moist areas. The bathroom qualifies as the perfect breeding area for mold. Mold will start to grow on grout between tiles in the shower and in the corners of the tub or shower. If caulking was used in a home remodeler, in these areas around the tub or shower, the caulk should be mold proof. Being a fastidious housekeeper does not guarantee any mold build up somewhere in the home. If one keeps up with at least weekly cleaning of the bath areas there should not be too much of a mold buildup. If you or anyone in the household has allergies, mold can be the factor for sinus problems and sneezing. It is easy to keep this allergen out of the house, with a few good tips on what to use for a good bathroom cleanup. If you have hired a bathroom contractor to come and do a bathroom remodel, the contractor can use mold resistive items in this area.

The following are helpful tips on how to get rid of mold build up in the bathroom. Always check your ventilation system in your bathroom, and make sure that there is a good flow of air. If your bathroom has fans, make sure that they are working properly and are frequently cleaned at least monthly. A quick wipe down of the fan weekly would be a wise move and makes a monthly clean up less taxing. A small dehumidifier in the bathroom will help remove excess moisture from the shower, thus decreasing mold buildup. When purchasing bath accessories such as shower liners, curtains and rugs, make sure that they are resistant to mold. Floor tile in the bath area with washable throw rugs is smart choice, rather then wall to wall carpeting. Mold proof caulking can cut down on the build up of unwanted mold. Check the function of plumbing to make sure that there are not water leaks.

Sustainable Bathroom Remodel TipIt is relatively easy to cleaning a bathroom of mold. Recommended by professional cleaning companies and individuals who clean homes and businesses for a living, is to use a bleach and water solution of 1/4 to 1/2 cup of bleach to one gallon of water. The solution can be transferred into a spray bottle and sprayed on the mold areas. Let the solution sit for 15-20 minutes before scrubbing off. One can also find commercial cleaning solutions that are made for mold clean up and these also work well on those hard to clean areas. One caution is to never mix cleaning solutions together. Never mix bleach with other cleaning solutions as it can create harmful vapors. When using a bleach solution, make sure that the room is well ventilated and wear a mask. This will help to prevent the user from breathing in any bleach fumes.

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