4 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Unique

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Your bathroom is the one place in the house that is your special haven. It’s where you plan the day’s schedule while brushing and getting ready for work. The bathroom is where you let go of the stress and fatigue of the day and unwind before dinner. Long showers, fragrant baths, and putting on the warpaint before a big date, this place sees a lot of your emotions–which is why you need it to be unique. Complete bathroom remodeling projects should always be left to the professionals, but if you’ve been looking for some exciting ideas to personalize this space, here are a few tips to try.

Put Up a Collage with Paintings and Pictures

Look for blank wall space in your bathroom that you can adorn. Paint it in a single rich jewel tone like a rich red, elegant black, soothing blue, or verdant sapphire. Next, set up a collection of pictures interspersed with fancy mirrors. Pick up a theme you find interesting, and that will stimulate your mind for the day’s activities. Or, choose images of loved ones and happy memories you shared. A good option is hanging house portraits of the home where you grew up or, perhaps, raised a child. Images of a beloved pet can also go up on the wall.

Peel and Stick On Wall Tiles

If a quick makeover is what you want, go with peel and stick wall tiles. This décor idea is convenient and quick to install and uninstall to suit your whims. Pick out patterns like wooden panels, geometric shapes, butterflies, animals, and birds. You can choose to decorate the entire wall or place smaller stickers to create a customized pattern. Search out for whimsical designs. If they make you happy and bring a smile to your lips, that’s the one to choose.

Vinyl Floor Covering

This one’s a great idea for people who live in rented accommodation and prefer not to install anything permanent. Vinyl is highly versatile, water-resistant, and available in a stunning range of colors and designs. If you like the warm feeling of wooden flooring, that’s the one to go for, but if you want ceramic tiling, pick out a medley of super stylish black and white arranged in a geometric pattern.

Add Potted Plants for a Touch of Green

Potted plants always add good cheer and liven up the spaces. The greenery adds a soothing touch with a charming splash of color. The exciting thing is that plants love the moist, warm environment of your bathroom and will only need a light spritzing with water. Choose species that need minimum care and thrive in the soft sunshine streaming in through the bathroom window. Natural air purifiers like the snake plant, aspidistra, spider plant, Boston ferns, and Chinese evergreens are great options. If maintenance is a problem, getting faux plants is a practical alternative.

Transforming your bathroom into a lovely space does not need a lot of time and effort. Choose décor elements that suit your personality, and you’ll soon have a cheerful and uplifting space to start your day.

About The Author: Alex Simon is an interior designer who has helped hundreds of homeowners design their perfect living space. He specializes in slick, modern and minimalistic designs that are also practical.

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