Awesome Ideas to Instantly Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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You must have heard a famous metaphorical phrase, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover.’ Though this phrase may be true in many aspects of life, it surely doesn’t apply to a home’s curb appeal. Your home’s exterior is a book cover that determines or sets the tone for what’s inside. 

Whether it’s a visitor, your neighbor, or a potential homebuyer, your home’s curb appeal is the first thing they notice (and judge!). Your home exteriors are indicative of how meticulously you maintain the other parts of your abode. 

But that’s not the only reason why your home exteriors matter! Curb appeal boosts home value and translates into precious dollars. 

Check out this finding from HomeLight’s Top Agent Insights report for Q2 2019. Over 94 percent of the best real estate agents in the country agree that curb appeal updates add the most value to a property. 

So, working on your home’s curb appeal is the sure-shot way to make it look nicer and boost its market value. In this post, we have a few ideas and tips that’ll help you make your home stand out in your neighborhood. 

Invest in Landscaping 

One of the most obvious things you can do to improve your home’s curb appeal is to add some greens and delightful colors to it. Use ornamental and flowering plants to accentuate key areas of your home like large windows and doors or an arched doorway. 

Flora instantly adds life and longevity to the outdoor area. Here are a few tips to consider – 

  • Create a container garden near your entrance to add a warm appeal to your home exteriors.
  • Renew your planter beds by pruning growth and pulling out weeds and dried leaves.
  • Add flower boxes to your home’s windows to add loads of curb appeal and color to the area. 
  • Include a mix of plants. Add variety by adding plants of all sizes, colors, and textures. 
  • Take care of your lawn by mowing the grass, raking off leaves, and removing weeds regularly. 
  • Remember – the best spots to add planter beds in the front corner of your yard, the driveway or walkway. 
  • If you don’t have room for standing planters or plant beds, consider adding the hanging ones that look equally beautiful. 

Tidy Up Your Walkway

Besides landscaping, you should also focus on the hardscape areas of your home exteriors, namely the concrete walkway, the sidewalks, and the driveway. Ensure that these areas are clean and maintained in top condition. Here are a few pointers to bear in mind. 

  • Get rid of dried leaves and twigs to make them look neat and welcoming. 
  • Pressure wash the area to remove the dirt and grime.
  • Make sure the stepping stones, bricks, and paver stones are in place. This will not just keep the area looking organized but also ensure a safe footing for all who visit you. 
  • If your home has an old gutter system with worn-out downspouts, now’s the time to replace them. A copper system is pricier but adds a unique appeal to the home and will last you a lifetime. 

Light Up Your Exteriors

There’s nothing more unwelcoming and unattractive (not to forget, unsafe!) than a poorly lit or dark entryway. The absence of lighting around your home not only makes it look unpleasant but is also an open invitation to burglars and trespassers.

Installing low-voltage landscaping lights will deter miscreants while gently illuminating the path that leads to your main door. This will make a significant impact on a home’s nighttime curb appeal and boost your security. 

Besides creating accent illumination, outdoor lighting fixtures – 

  • Highlight landscape details like your gorgeous collection of blooms and shrubs
  • Keep the walkway and stairs illuminated
  • Create a safe path for guests and visitors

Create Symmetry 

The human brain loves symmetry in design! That’s because symmetrical objects play by the rules; they seem familiar and our brains are programmed to recognize and appreciate them. 

Hence, symmetry is not only pleasing to the eye but also makes the home look organized. Here are some quick tips for embracing symmetry in your exterior space and boosting your home’s curb appeal. 

  • Add symmetrical compositions of light fixtures near your front door. 
  • Install candle sconces, swing arm sconces, or lantern-style sconces on either your front door or garage door.
  • Place sculptures, vases, or planters on either side of the door to make the entryway feel more formal and pleasant.

Consider a Garage Upgrade

Your garage is a critical aspect of your home’s curb appeal. This versatile space in your house can spruce up your home’s exterior like no other. In fact, sprucing up your garage will return your entire investment and perk up your property value. 

Consider these tips when upgrading your garage. 

  • Replace the garage door. Most American homes have garages at the point of entry. Upgrade the door to give your home’s entrance a renewed look. 
  • Versatile spaces deserve a versatile flooring option. Opt for a safety rubber surfacing that’s not only resistant to chemical and engine-oil spills in the garage but also looks aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Accessorize by adding little potted plants or antiques around the space. Greenery always makes spaces feel more welcoming. 

Take Care of Minor Repairs 

Ripped window screens, chipped paint and tiles, burned-out lighting fixtures, and worn doors and downspouts can bring down the overall look of your home. Pay attention to these tiny aspects and fix them to be the proud owner of a picturesque exterior. 

Taking a walk around the outside will help you spot such areas that need immediate attention. Next, stand on the other side of the street and look at your house. Does your lawn need mowing? Do your plants or trees need trimming? Do you see any cracks on the sidewalk? Take note of the areas that need a quick fix. 

Don’t Forget the Outdoor Décor Accessories

Give your outdoors a unique appeal by investing in some yard art pieces and placing a few weather-resistant garden sculptures. Consider adding a few rustic outdoor accessories like birdbaths, bird feeders, wind chimes, metal cutouts, or a full-size mailbox. You can also place a water sculpture or a fountain to add a soothing burbling sound to your front yard. 

Summing Up 

Your home’s exterior appearance is central to impressing passersby, neighbors, visitors, and potential homebuyers (if you are staging your home to sell!). A welcoming home exterior – the front entry, yard, driveway, and sidewalk – serves as a snapshot for your home’s interiors. Use the tips and tricks shared in this post to take your home’s exteriors to the next level. 

About The Author: Gaurav is a passionate writer and contributor to several publications such as lifestyle, home improvement, business and technology. He loves sharing actionable articles with readers of diverse domains.
Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

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