Picture perfect: Match windows to your personality

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One might say that the windows are the soul of any room. The right ones can offer decorative flair, an appealing view or even change the mood of a space by letting in the desired amount of light. Windows serve other important functions as well. If they’re well-insulated, they can impact the energy efficiency and air quality of your home.

So it goes without saying that this is one of the fundamental aspects to consider if you’re looking to do some bedroom, bathroom, living room or kitchen remodeling. The only question is, which ones should you select?

Follow this guide to match your personality to the perfect replacement windows.

For a green thumb
There’s no doubt that plants and flowers can liven up any room, but finding the space for all that greenery can be a challenge. That’s where garden windows come in. This uniquely functional style maximizes the amount of light streaming in, essentially acting as a mini greenhouse. Garden windows work especially well for kitchens, but also complement sunrooms nicely.

For a bookworm
Does lounging around with a page-turner sound like the perfect lazy Sunday? Or, do you simply like to use books as decor objects to add intrigue in a living room or study? Either way, projected frame windows may be your ideal option. These dimensional windows add elegant appeal to any room and provide extra space for you to store books, picture frames, collectibles and other special pieces you want to put on display. The best part about this style is that it can be designed with any type of window, glass and color combination, as it’s entirely custom built.

For an outdoorsy type
If it were up to you, you’d spend every moment outside, but that’s not always practical, particularly in the colder months. Fortunately, double hung windows can offer an unparalleled view of your surroundings while letting in 30 percent more daylight.

Alure Home Improvements’ exterior design expert Mike Serra, who specializes in windows, explained that this is the most popular type, as it blends beauty and practicality. Double hung windows have a classic appeal, are easy to clean, convenient to open and offer optimal ventilation.

“What it does on a Colonial or traditional look is that it doesn’t block the view as much for people looking out because it has a little sense of openness in the center,” he explained.

For a design junkie
Geometric shaped windows are a great idea if you have a keen eye for design and you’re looking to cleverly enhance your home’s charm. You can choose both the size and shape of these energy-efficient windows to fit your style preferences. From octagons and trapezoids to pentagons, triangles and full circles, there are countless shapes to choose from, each of which can provide a different exterior view and interior vibe.

Bay and bow windows can bring dimension to a room and even make a small space appear larger.

Visually oriented individuals with a modern sense of style may like the look of casement windows. Serra noted that many people opt to add a Queen Anne or prairie-style grid that borders the window instead of covering the center of the pane to ensure maximum visibility and light.

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