Improve bathroom privacy with stylish renovations

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Privacy is a top consideration when building or remodeling a home’s bathroom. Feeling secure and secluded is essential to using and enjoying the room comfortably, but style and performance don’t need to get lost in the process. There are many chic renovation options that allow home remodelers to upgrade their room and maximize bathroom privacy at the same time.

Let the light in
Natural lighting is an often overlooked but important element of a cozy bathroom. There are many general health benefits to increased sunlight exposure – sunshine provides valuable vitamin D that boosts immune systems and can lower blood pressure. Allowing natural light to filter into the bathroom could be a great way to take a relaxing bath to the next level with some mood- and body-boosting nutrients.

Not only could the extra splash of sunlight be good for homeowners’ health, but it also improves their morning routines. Sunshine is the best lighting for applying makeup, and generally provides a more realistic mirror reflection. People who get ready with natural light in the morning have a better chance of getting the look they wanted.

It can be challenging to get the light in while still maintaining that crucial bathroom privacy, however. Homeowners don’t want to have their windows open to get the sun while they’re trying to put their face on to start the day.

There are several window tricks to help facilitate the flow of sunlight without compromising privacy concerns:

  1. Window treatments. Adding obscure or frosted windows is a great way to create a better atmosphere in the bathroom while maintaining seclusion. You can also opt for built in blinds in your windows if you want maximum sunlight. These applications all allow sunlight to filter into a room while hiding or distorting images so that privacy remains intact.
  2. High windows and skylights. Bathroom renovators could also consider adding windows high up on the walls of the room, or installing a skylight to create openings for sunshine that don’t give an open view into the room. Moving window locations to parts of the room where casual passersby can’t see in gives the room a bright, warm feeling without the uneasiness of trying to get ready with an open window at eye level. The exception here is if the bathroom is at a lower level than nearby homes or buildings – if the neighbor’s house is close by, then high bathroom windows on the first floor may not offer enough protection.

The many options available for increasing bathroom window privacy allow renovators to find a style that works for them, while still providing the security and lighting that they are looking for.

Small bathroom windows set high in the room provide light without compromising privacy.
Small bathroom windows set high in the room provide light without compromising privacy.

Split up large bathrooms for shared use
Home renovators can increase the functionality of one bathroom by dividing some of its utilities. Closing off part of a large full bathroom into a water closet or powder room can allow multiple people to access the services they need at once without anyone having to feel like their space is being encroached upon.

Splitting up a large bathroom, or adding an enclosed half bath onto an existing full bathroom, can be a less invasive project than trying to build an entirely new bathroom in the home. By placing a sink and a toilet in the powder room and closing it off from the bathing area, homeowners can alleviate the morning congestion of family members fighting over the room. A powder room vanity allows members of the family to brush their teeth or do their hair while someone else uses the shower, allowing everyone to do what they need to do without sacrificing any privacy.

Add locks to bathroom doors
While many homes have locking doorknobs for internal rooms, not all do. Homes that don’t have locks on the bathroom doors are leaving users more vulnerable to privacy breaches. Replacing standard doorknobs with locking ones can prevent any embarrassing mishaps. Doorknob locks are especially beneficial because while they can prevent an accidental entry, they’re easier to open from the outside when necessary. If a child is accidentally locked in, or a family member slips in the shower and gets hurt, the ability to unlock a doorknob from the outside will be critically important.

Shield facilities with partial walls
While it’s wise to have securely locking doors in the bathroom, it’s also a good idea to build a backup plan into your designs. Layout the bathroom so that the door doesn’t open onto plain view of the entire room. Add partial walls, or shape the room with enough angles that facilities like the shower or toilet are shielded from the doorway. This provides some extra security and comfort in the event that a door is inadvertently opened.

Functionality and style can easily go hand in hand. When making updates to the bathroom, take the steps to help improve the room’s privacy as well as its overall look.

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