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How to Measure for Replacement Windows

Replacing your windows is a good starting point if you’re considering upgrading your home’s exterior. One of the first things you’ll need to do is get accurate window measurements. But measuring for replacement windows can be challenging. You must have precise measurements when you shop for windows online or in person. Window sizes vary; getting the wrong size could be costly and slow down your home improvement plans.

To avoid any guesswork or measurement mistakes, partner with Alure for your window installation. Since 1946, homeowners like you have trusted us with their home improvement projects. Our team of professional installers will get accurate replacement window measurements for your beautiful home. Contact us today to replace your bay or bow window, single-hung, double-hung windows, casement windows, storm windows, or custom windows.


Windows 101: Identifying the Parts of a Window

When you know the different parts of a window, you can avoid confusion when measuring replacement windows. They include the following:

  • Window frame: This surrounds and supports the complete window system, which includes the head, jamb, and sill. 
  • Head: This is the top, horizontal part of the window frame.
  • Sill: This is the bottom, horizontal part of the window frame.
  • Jamb: These are the vertical sides of the window frame.
  • Jambliners: These are installed on the sides of the window frame to give the window sash a firm fit.
  • Sash: This is the part of the window that holds the glass and is typically maneuverable.
  • Rails: These are the horizontal parts of a window sash.
  • Stiles: These are the vertical parts of a sash.

You don’t have to worry about the window components if you contact us today to get started on your new windows. Our professionals are adept at measurements and will help you find the correct window sizes for your home.


Easy Steps For Measuring Your Windows

Now that you can identify the parts of a basic window, let’s discuss how to measure your old windows. You’ll need a tape measure, plenty of patience, and something to record your measurements with.

There are three basic things to consider when attempting to measure a window. These include the width, height, and window depth. Also, different window styles require different sets of measurements. 


How to Measure Casement, Single-Hung, or Double-hung windows

Step 1: Find the middle of your single-hung or double-hung window for the vertical measurements.

Step 2: Place measuring tape at the top of the window and extend to the bottom trim (window sill). Write down the inches.

Step 3: Next, for the width measurement, place the measuring tape on the left side of the window trim and extend it to the right side of the window. Double-check your measurements, record them, and you are all set!


How to Measure Bay and Bow Windows

Measuring bay and bow windows can involve more than standard window sizes and shapes. This is mainly because these window types have multiple panes in different shapes and sizes. The solution is to carefully measure each glass pane in a bay or bow window. 

Step 1: Place your tape on the left side of the first window pane and extend it as far as the trim, separating it from the next pane. Record your width measurement, and repeat the same step for the remaining window panes. Remember to give each pane a designation. You could label them “Pane 1,” “Pane 2,” “Left pane,” “Middle pane,” “Right pane,” and such.

Step 2: To get the height measurement of a bay or bow window, find the middle and stretch your measuring tape from the top trim to the bottom of the window. Record the height of the window, and you are all set!


How to Measure Specialty or Custom Windows

Some custom window types may require much more precise or specialized measurements. You may need a professional to help with measuring for replacement windows in such cases. 

If you want to avoid the hassle of measuring specialty windows, contact Alure for your stress-free window replacement. We will carry out all the measurements accurately and professionally. Our team members measure windows for replacement daily and have been doing so for years. 


The Alure Replacement Window Guarantee

To improve the beauty and energy efficiency of our customers’ homes, we install high-quality MaxSeries windows. If you partner with us, your new windows will provide energy savings and security while increasing your home’s curb appeal.  

We are more than a window company — we are home improvement experts with many industry certifications. At Alure, we stand by our high-quality products and stellar workmanship. 

For your peace of mind, all our products and installation services come with best-in-class warranties. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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