How to improve your home’s exterior

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Your home’s exterior is a big part of what makes up its resale value. Experts call it “curb appeal.” The more homeowners do to improve the exterior of their homes, the greater chance they have in increasing the value of their home. If you’re wondering which projects would be most beneficial for improving your exterior, take a look below:

“Homeowners could get creative and disguise gutter systems.”

Disguise the gutters
Gutter systems are an absolute necessity on houses. However, they don’t need to stick out and draw unneeded attention. Instead of leaving gutters out in the open, homeowners could get creative and disguise them. Matching the color of the downspouts to your siding can make them more attractive, which also helps them to blend into the siding of the home.. There are also ways to make the gutters themselves look like part of the decorative elements of the home. Just be sure that your system is still able to drain correctly.

Replace dreary windows 
Windows add character and style to your home’s exterior. Dull window frames or damaged glass will certainly detract from a house’s curb appeal. Homeowners who invest in quality replacement windows can see a major improvement in the resale value of their property.

Dress up landscaping
Believe it or not, when people are placing value on a home, they take the attractiveness of the lawn and garden into account. Planting a tree or keeping a well-maintained flower bed are two simple projects that can be a quick boost to your home’s curb appeal. If your lawn is patchy, you might also consider hiring a landscaper to come and replant it.

This home's exterior is a beautiful balance of all the elements that affect curb appeal.
This home’s exterior is a beautiful balance of all the elements that affect curb appeal.

Upgrade the roof 
Many experts agree that, while roofs may not be a major focal point for people, they still factor into the overall curb appeal. A mismatching roof or old, faded shingles can be a serious turnoff for potential homebuyers. If you find yourself with one of these unattractive roofs, you should look into a roof replacement. You may even be interested in including new roofing technologies, such as newer style designer shingles, in your upgrade.

Redo the siding
Siding is one of the first things people notice about your home’s exterior. For this reason, damaged or faded siding can be detrimental to your house’s value. It can also lead to further damage to other elements of your home. By replacing your siding, you not only give your home a face lift, you are also making a smart investment in your home. Click the image at the bottom of this article to learn more about how to get started with siding replacement.

There are a number of projects homeowners could invest in to improve the exterior home, thereby increasing the resale value of their home. If you are interested in beginning any of the projects above or would like to find out about more ways to add value to your property, contact a home improvement specialist today.

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