Home Improvements That Increase Your Family’s Safety

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Unfortunately, injuries within the home aren’t uncommon. In a 2019 survey it was revealed that approximately 130,000 injury-related deaths occurred inside the home. This is way too many for items that can quickly be addressed. As that’s done, you also improve the look and feel of your home in the process. To find out more, here are some home improvements that increase your family’s safety.

New Windows Stop Falls

An upgrade of your home’s windows is another element that protects your family’s safety. Older windows might start to come loose as they age. Particularly if they’re subject to intense weather, heat, and cold. Should someone lean on one seated in an upstairs room, they could fall out.

New windows are securely fastened to the home’s frame. Additionally, they are made of fiberglass instead of wood. As a result, there’s less of a chance they rot away. A further safety advantage is in the form of comfort. New windows tend to be double-paned to shield spaces from excessive heat or cold.

Exterior Door Upgrades Prevent Break-Ins

Like windows, front doors and sliding patio versions start to loosen with age and rot. Though you double-check that they’re locked before you go to sleep, that security might not prevent someone from breaking in. They simply need to jiggle one of the handles to open.

Upgrades to these portals create a new seal of protection for your home’s interior. Furthermore, door locks are now made with the ability to enter a code to unlock it instead of a key. Thus, it’s more difficult for someone to obtain the proper combination to move the tumblers. Plus, if it’s a keyless entry, there’s no way for them to pick a lock.

Fencing Around All Property

Fencing does more than establish a border around your home. It also minimizes the risk of fatal injuries. For instance, you can purchase and install a fence around your property that’s not only stylish but also stops stray animals. If you live in an area prone to wildlife visits, it can stop creatures from entering your space.

Another area where a fence is important is the pool. The numerous deaths of children and adults can be prevented if pool fencing is installed. One way to enhance the safety of this area is to purchase one made of aluminum. Fences of this material withstand natural forces and will last.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors are a Must

A house isn’t a home until you add your touches. This usually means paint, curtains, and photos or paintings. It also includes one of the most important home improvements for safety — carbon monoxide detectors.

The odorless and colorless gas is only detected through these devices. Without them, families may experience severe illness. As you upgrade the paint and pictures on your walls, make sure you add or update a CO2 detector. Either place them in each bedroom or, if on a floor with multiple bedrooms, at least six feet from these spaces. For instance, on a hallway wall between two bedrooms.

Air-Cleaning Plants

Your home is probably filled with the fume remnants of everyday products. For example, xylene might be present if you just repainted. Benzene is added to that mix if you regularly use furniture polish.

When these accumulate it can cause you to feel ill for seemingly no reason. For your family’s safety, one of the home improvements you can make is to add plants. In particular, types like spider plants, ferns, and palms. These have the ability to draw in toxic chemicals to purify the air. Furthermore, they’re easy to maintain.


The items listed above are a few samples of home improvements that increase your family’s safety. We’re sure you’ll find more as you go through your home. When you do, don’t delay making the necessary changes. If needed, forego the household budget to purchase the items you need.

On top of these home improvements, make sure your family ensures its safety by discussing what should be done in certain situations. Especially when they have to leave the area due to a fire or a CO2 leak. In the end, the protection of your family is the most important thing.

About The Author: Rayanne is currently working towards her BA in English from Oregon State University. She loves to read, travel, and paint. She enjoys finding new coffee shops with friends and expanding her cooking skills with her husband.

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