A guide to the different varieties of window glazing

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In addition to adding to the overall aesthetic value of a home, windows play an integral role in home insulation. Tints, specific types of panes and other factors can affect the insulation properties of windows. One of the most important things homeowners should look at when they are considering installing replacement windows is the glazing options that come with the new windows. This article will outline the different types of window glazing to help homeowners choose which one would be best for their homes.

Windows manufactured with Heat Mirror have at least the same level of quality as triple-paned windows.

Heat Mirror 
While triple-paned windows provide excellent insulation, they are generally a bulky option. Windows manufactured with Heat Mirror glazing have at least the same level of quality without the extra weight and space. This glazing is created by placing several layers of Low-E coatings along with the heat mirror (suspended film) between the two panes of glass. The space between the panes is also filled with certain gases or combinations to further increase efficiency and insulating ability.

When you select Low-E (low-emissivity) glazing, you are getting glass that has been treated/coated with metallic oxide to minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light than can pass through glass without compromising the amount of visible light that is transmitted. The most interesting thing about Low-E glass is that varying methods can be used for different climates. For example, in warmer climates, the glass surfaces would be coated in a way that would reflect more of the sun’s rays. In colder climates, they can that allow more solar gain to enter the home but not exit. Most home improvement specialists agree that Low-E glass options can pay for themselves due to the added energy savings possible.

This type of glazing refers to double-paned or triple-paned windows. With Thermopane glazing, argon or krypton gasses can be injected between the panes of glass as well, instead of just air. These inert gasses serve as excellent insulators because they do not conduct heat very well. When you install windows with Thermopane glazing, you eliminate the need for storm windows. Most of the time, these windows will yield high energy returns and last for many years. Beware of moisture build-up between the panes of these windows, however, as that can be a sign that there the seal has been broken.

Not only are replacement windows great for added beauty, specific glazing can keep your home better insulated.

Not only are replacement windows great for added beauty, specific glazing can keep your home better insulated.

Beautiful, efficient windows are a great way to add resale value to your home, but more importantly, they can keep you from overpaying on heating and cooling costs. If you believe your windows are the source of your high energy bills, you might consider getting replacement windows with one of the glazing options mentioned above. Choosing the best match for you could lead to a more energy-efficient home and more savings for you and your family.

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