6 Tips for Securing Windows in Your Home

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Doors are not the only entry point for burglars. These criminals also look at windows, hoping that one offers easy access. For optimal protection, you always want to ensure your windows are secure. Otherwise, someone could get inside of your home without much effort. The good news is you have several options to increase your home’s protection. The goal is to choose the best home security for your specific needs.

 Although a burglar isn’t easily deterred, the more work and time involved in gaining entry into someone’s home, the less likely they’re going to stick around. Instead, they’ll move on to a different target. You want to make it as difficult for them as possible. For the best home security, start with these six tips to keep your windows secure.

  1. Check and double-check – The most obvious and easiest way to secure the windows in your home is to check and double-check them before going to bed or leaving the property. If necessary, leave yourself a note by the front door, coffee pot, or on your bedside table until locking them becomes second nature.
  2. Security Film – Another tip for the best home security is to invest in window security film. This comes in different sizes and levels of protection. Ultimately, the film serves as an additional barrier. If someone tries to use a hammer or other hard tool to break the glass out of a window, the film prevents that from happening. Again, a burglar could keep working at it, but that means spending more time at a residence than wanted. So, if the glass of your window doesn’t break, the burglar will likely leave.
  3. Glass Break Sensors – You can also purchase sensors designed specifically to emit an alarm at the sound of breaking glass. You can find these at home improvement stores or use a function on the Ring doorbell camera. Since glass break sensors are reasonably priced, you could install several around your house without spending a fortune.
  4. Window Bars – If you live in a high-crime area, this is an option. While some people don’t like the look of bars on a window, they do help deter crime. Although window bars are among the best home security, you must have quick access to the outside in case of a fire. For that, you might consider locking bars that you can remove or open fast if needed.
  5. Landscaping – Sometimes, the best home security comes down to the bushes you plant beneath the windows. If this is an option, look at dense bushes with prickly leaves or stems. It’s amazing how criminals try to avoid those at all costs.
  6. Illumination – Finally, keep the outside of your windows illuminated. You can use light-blocking curtains or blinds on the inside. That way, the brightness on the exterior of your home doesn’t affect your sleep. When installed in the right location, a burglar would have to spend too much time extinguishing the lights than worth their time. Similar to landscaping, this solution is simple yet one of the best home security options.

 Remember, protecting your home is all about prevention. By taking the appropriate action, you’ll have a much safer home to enjoy.

About The Author: Aimee Adams is a freelance writer from Chapel Hill, North Carolina who has a passion for lifestyle and home topics. If she isn’t writing, you can find her playing with her dog, tending to her many indoor plants, or on a bike ride.
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