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In this day and age, if you don’t own at least one smart home tech device, quite frankly, you’re missing out. Smart technology is incredible – it can transform the way you live, helping you to cut corners in those rigorous mundane tasks, stay safe, and focus on what’s really important.

Smart home technology is no longer an innovative, unreachable prospect to the average homeowner. If you know where to look, you can find a whole host of affordable solutions that will blow your mind with their capabilities. Below, we’ve listed some of the top 6 smart home tech devices that are guaranteed to transform your home immediately:

  1.       Smart doorbells

A smart doorbell, otherwise known as a smart Wi-Fi video doorbell, is one of the most useful modern-day security features for any home or business. All you need to make the most out of a smart doorbell is a good Wi-Fi connection and a mobile phone. Smart doorbells are so popular that many new home constructions feature these.

When someone rings a smart doorbell, a small camera positioned at somewhere around eye-level in your doorway will live-stream a recording of that person straight to your phone. If you’re not expecting a visitor, viewing a livestream is a great way to assert that you’re safe to answer the door before you even get up to open it. It can also help you to avoid unwanted visitors by being able to see who’s at the door without having to let anyone know you’re home.

  1.       Smart door locks

If the feeling of forgetting your keys is all too familiar to you, it’s time you considered a smart door lock. With a smart door lock, you’ll no longer have to deal with tricky key holes or fumble for your keys at the bottom of your bag just to get inside. If you’ve got a phone or a bit of space in your pocket for a key fob, there’s no reason why you can’t purchase a smart door lock for yourself.

When you want to get inside your home or business, a smart door lock only requires you to position a key fob or your mobile phone in front of a special scanner, which will activate the lock and open the door. Some smart locks even allow virtual access to an outside party, by enabling you to send over an online key to another person’s phone. This may be useful if you’re away on holiday, for instance, and need a way for your neighbor to check up on your home from time to time.

  1.       Smart thermostats

Everyone wants to make wiser choices when bills are involved, which is why smart thermostats are one of the most popular tech devices for households across the world. As with most smart tech, smart thermostats simply require a good connection to your Wi-Fi and an electronic device, such as a phone or a tablet, to monitor them.

From wherever you may be, smart thermostats allow you to adjust your heating or switch it on or off on-the-go. Rather that set your temperature on a dial, as is the process with a standard thermostat, a smart thermostat connects to both your boiler and your Wi-Fi, meaning it will adjust automatically depending on the temperature of your home, but you can also make manual adjustments where necessary.

  1.       Smart alarms

We’ve seen a multitude of promising advancements in the hub of home security in recent years, and the development of the smart alarm is one of the best. Smart alarms operate exactly as a normal alarm would, but with a few simple additional details to help you stay more secure and make your life a little bit easier.

A smart home or business alarm doesn’t only sound off when an intruder is detected, as all standard alarms do, but also alerts you to the intrusion via a notification to your mobile phone. You can then take the steps to resolve the potential issue much faster than if you were only to find out later on in the day – and switch the alarm off before it drives your neighbors crazy! If you have your smart alarm connected to another security feature, such as smart CCTV cameras, you may also be able to view livestream videos in and around your property.

  1.       Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Safety is paramount in any household, and smart smoke detectors offer a more intelligent approach to alerting homeowners of a potential issue as soon as it arises. They connect to your Wi-Fi, allowing you to take the appropriate action is soon as possible.

With a standard smoke or carbon monoxide detector, if you’re out and about, you’re not going to become aware of a problem back at home until you make your way back later on – by which case, it may be too late. A smart smoke or carbon monoxide detector, however, can send an immediate heads-up to your phone if a problem is detected, giving you the forewarning you need to respond appropriately.

  1.       Smart lighting

One of the easiest ways to save money on your electricity bills is to reduce your lighting use on a daily basis. Those of us who live in homes with multiple rooms will most likely admit to often leaving lights on in unoccupied rooms, perhaps not even being aware of doing so. Smart lighting can help you to be more mindful of your light energy consumption and cut down where you can.

Smart lighting is connected to your Wi-Fi, allowing it to communicate with your smart hub, if you have one, or your mobile phone. When your Wi-Fi is turned on at home, you’ll be able to switch your lights on and off, and dim them, should your bulbs have that feature, from wherever you’re based. Whether you’re too lazy to get off the sofa, or you’re away at work or on vacation, smart lighting gives you the ability to switch your lights on and off with the simple touch of a button.

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