Spring Cleanup Checklist for Your Garden and Yard

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With the beginning of spring the garden is waking up and you’ll probably be out the first second the weather gets warm. But your garden might need some care after the winter months so just like giving your house a good spring cleaning it’s time to freshen up your yard and garden as well with the following spring tips.

If you want to make your garden pretty and healthy for this season, just follow the steps in the spring cleanup checklist below. There are plenty of tasks to complete in the spring cleaning season, and you might feel overwhelmed, but this checklist has got you covered. To make things easier, you can view and print it out so you can take it with you into your garden. 

1. Take Stock of Your Tools

Early spring is the best time to check the overall condition of your gardening tools, especially if any of them have been left outside during the winter. 

2. Clean and Sharpen Your Tools

After taking stock of your tools it’s time to clean them up. This will not only help you in working more efficiently and safely but they will also last longer.

3. Tidy Up the Yard

While you are waiting for the soil to defrost, start tidying up the rest of your yard.

4. Remove Winter Mulch

Once the weather really starts to warm up, you can remove any winter mulch. But keep in mind, temperatures lower than 32 degrees Fahrenheit may damage open flowers.

5. Pull Dead Annuals

Annual flowers only live for one year in harsh climates, and won’t grow back after the cold winter months, so you can pull them out of the ground. Don’t forget to pull their roots too

6. Pull Weeds

Early spring is the best time to start pulling the weeds out as they are easy to see

7. Pest Control

Timing is of the essence when it comes to pest control on crabgrass.

8. Clean Up the Vegetable Garden

Springtime is a good time to pull out any dead vegetable plants and plant debris that you didn’t get around to removing 

9. Edge Garden Beds

Spring is the perfect time to edge your garden beds as grass is easy to remove since the soil is still wet.

10. Brush Back Leaves on Top of Plants

Leaves are actually good for your garden. Just brush back any thick layers.

11. Prune Shrubs

Pruning triggers new growth, and helps to prevent diseases. But don’t prune spring blooming shrubs in the early spring as you could wind up cutting off all of the buds.

12. Prep the Beds for Planting

The best thing to do is to fertilize them and make the soil more friable.


Happy Spring Cleaning!


Author Bio: Timi Schmidt. Timi is a content creator and she likes to spend a lot of time in her garden, therefore keeping it clean, healthy and organized is really important for her. 
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash


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