Mixing Old Furniture and New Homes

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Moving into a new home is a very exciting moment, but it also requires quite a lot of planning. Taking care of everything in advance is the key, and that means dealing with everything from moving your possessions to getting the home ready for your family. Taking care of the furniture is one of the issues most people are struggling with, especially if your furniture isn’t exactly brand new. Incorporating old pieces into a new environment can be a bit tricky, so here are a few tips that might help you make this transition easier.

Check the furniture first

Before you move your old furniture into your new home, you need to check its condition and make sure you’re still satisfied with it. If you’ve had this furniture for a long time, the chances are it’s worn out or not as functional as it should be. Or, on the other hand, it doesn’t excite you anymore and doesn’t suit all your needs.

In case your furniture is still all right and can be used, you should think about restoring, renovating, repainting, or reupholster it. This way, you’ll update your furniture and get to keep all your pieces without spending too much money. If that’s not the case and if you realize your furniture isn’t worth preserving, you should find ways to get rid of it. You can organize a yard sale, sell it online, donate it to charity, or give it to your friends who might need it.

Find a new layout

No matter how old your new home is and how it’s organized, one of the best things about moving into it is the freedom to rethink your layout. Instead of your old boring layout that didn’t really work for you at your old place, you have a chance to do something new. And if you’re using your old furniture, doing something new is vital.

Even though this sounds like a lot of work, it actually isn’t. Before you move your furniture, you should think about different options and find a few layouts that might potentially work for you. Once you do that, you can start bringing in your furniture and arranging it at new positions. If you notice something’s not right, you can always rearrange the layout and make it work for you and every member of your family.

Take care of the décor

Furnishing your home and decorating might seem like the same thing, but only to the untrained eye. In reality, these two processes are quite different, and you need to give each of them lots of attention. Your décor complements your furniture, which is why you might want to think about getting some new decorating pieces. That way, your old furniture will be less noticeable, and will instead work well with your new décor.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should totally neglect your old décor. On the contrary, you have to bring some of it with you because it will make your new home seem homelier and will remind you of the great features of your old place. You have to be careful when transporting these things, though, especially if they’re fragile and delicate. For all your items that need special attention, you might consider renting reliable utility  vehicles that will help you get all your furniture and décor from your old home to your new place. This way, you can be sure your important items will be safe and protected, no matter how far you’re going and how many things you’re moving.

Repurpose your furniture

The old furniture is sometimes better than the new one, especially if you’re sentimental about certain pieces. If you can’t picture your life without your chairs, sofas, tables, and beds, you should definitely keep them around. However, what if they don’t fit into your new home in the right way? What you can do is come up with a brand new solution and give your old furniture a new purpose.

Luckily, there are lots of ideas you could explore. For instance, you could turn an old sewing table into a small outdoor drinking station that could come in handy for all your patio parties. Similarly, you could turn old cupboards and cabinets into exciting storage spaces for your kids and playing areas they could enjoy. Finally, turn your oversized dresser into a cool kitchen island that will introduce new order into your kitchen and help you save tons of space. Just be creative and don’t be afraid to test your DIY skills more than ever before.

As you can see, incorporating old furniture into your new home isn’t as hard as it seems. It’s all about making the right plans and sticking to them. Look into these ideas, find the ones that suit you the most, and figure out ways you can start using them in your new home as soon as possible!


About The Author: Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in home decor and latest DIY projects. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.
Image by Ferenc Keresi & Pexels from Pixabay

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