How to Manage a Home with Babies and Toddlers

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If raising one child is complicated, raising and caring for two can be an impossible mission. There are thousands of tasks to do and it seems that there are not enough hours in the day. However, with a little organization, you can find time for everything.

Divvy up the chores

With two small children, it is very difficult to manage the house alone. Therefore, any help from your partner is important. In addition to considerably reducing the workload, he or she will appreciate what you do.

Express your needs

When your second child is born, especially if you have been together for a short time, you usually have everything you need for a baby: the crib, clothes, stuffed animals. If grandparents and friends want to give you a treat, the best thing to do is to offer to take the baby for a walk, iron a basket of clothes, or offer to take care of any other pending task.

Establish routines

Going shopping once a week is much more efficient than doing it every day. Those who have fixed days to cook pasta, pizza, rice, and omelets, do not have to think every day about what to cook. This way you will find time to enjoy very important moments such as cuddling with the newborn on the couch or walking in the park with the little one.

Getaways are a must

 Once a week, mom or dad gets away. You can take the opportunity to go to the movies with your best friend or take a bike ride in the park.

For stressed parents

Couples meetings

You must sit down together to agree on who is in charge of each task and try to solve the problems that arise: the eldest has a jealous streak, how can we help? Who calls the day-care centers to see if there are places available? Where are we going on vacation and who is in charge of organizing it? Who is under more pressure at work and needs to be able to dedicate more time to professional projects? If you both know the tasks that need to be done and share the work, you will be a great team.

A space for love

Go out to dinner, go to the movies or a party. The important thing is that you both feel like it and that it serves to disconnect from the daily routine. Some topics of conversation will be forbidden: children, housework, finances, and work.

Paid help

You can have very clear agreements regarding the cleaning of the kitchen and adjust them punctually. Another option is to hire a cleaning lady and a babysitter to help you with chores. Although other investments will have to wait, family peace of mind increases considerably.

Cuddles for the little ones

Emphasize the advantages of being the eldest

Children are very proud of everything they already know and can do. They are proud to be the eldest in the house: they can go with grandma to the zoo, but the baby has to stay at home. Therefore, we have to praise them for the independence they have achieved.

Allow the older child to become a baby for a while

Whoever gets a sibling at 18 months automatically becomes the older sibling with all the corresponding demands: eating alone, waiting patiently until the baby no longer needs mom’s care. At one and a half years old, he is still very young and his needs must be met. While the baby sleeps, you should cuddle and play with him.

Respect different needs

Two young children can go to the same nursery, and later on to the same swimming course, to the same soccer club, to the same dance class. Although it simplifies the family organization a lot, it is not necessarily the best encouragement for the different abilities and preferences of the children. The little one feels frustrated because the older one knows how to do everything better. And the older one gets angry because he always has to wait for the younger ones.

Manage Your Home Efficiently

It seems intimidating to manage a home and be a good parent for your babies or toddlers. However, it is much easier.  You should establish routines and be ready to accept any help from your friends and relatives to save time for other things.  Take into account that being a parent is stressful work, so try to agree on who is responsible for each task with your partner. Moreover, do not forget to spend some time together, go for a walk or have dinner at the restaurant.


About The Author: Diane H. Wong is a content writer at and family coach. So she prefers to spend her spare time working out family issues solutions. In this case, she has an opportunity to share her experience with others and keep up with advancing technologies.
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