How to Make Your Home Child-Friendly

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Children can be stubborn and cheeky in many ways. However, it is their cheekiness that brings fun to your home. You should encourage your kids to play and be adventurous while at home. At the same time, you should create a safe environment where kids can explore without being exposed to danger. There are interior decor factors you can put in place to ensure that there is a safe environment for your children.  You should ensure that all dangerous objects are kept away from children’s reach. Here are some simple and affordable ways you can make a kid-friendly home.

  1. Create Highly Elevated Shelves

 Whether it is kitchen cabinets or bedroom shelves, you should design them in such a way that children do not have access. You may choose to have a few low-level shelves— where you store items that are children friendly. However, most items in your house should always be at a higher elevation. Make sure dangerous items such as knives and chemicals are stored out of reach. Either lock them in a cabinet or place them on highly elevated shelves.

  1. Use Full Curtains Instead of Blinds

 Blinds are a popular choice for interior decor for various reasons. One reason is that they allow for easy ventilation and light penetration. However, blinds and looped curtains can be hazardous for children at home.  Blinds can be a strangulation hazard for the young ones if they are not well supervised.  Instead of using the risky blinds, have full panel curtains that cannot strangle children. Avoid looped curtains since they are equally dangerous.

  1. Create An Enclosed Study Room For The Kids

 Most parents make the mistake of creating an open study room for their kids. If you set up your children’s study room in the living area, there is a danger of the kids getting distracted. Kids are attracted to adult conversations and television. For your kids to study well, they should be in a quiet place without interruptions. You should also ensure that the kids have access to computers with internet access to help them access different resources. Limit the sites they can access to academic resources.

  1. Make Your Furniture Safe For The Kids

Furniture makes an important aspect of interior decor. There are different types of furniture used at home for diverse purposes. While having different types of furniture at home is okay, it is also important to protect your kids from any furniture pieces that may be risky.  For children between the ages of 2 and 7, make sure you do not have glass furniture such as tables in the living room to avoid glass breakage. You should also get rid of any sharp edges on furniture pieces.  You can do this by buying corner and edge bumpers for your furniture. You can use soft seat covers to get reduce the impact of your sharp seat edges. Seat covers will help you add accent colors that relate to the other decorations in the house.  Reducing sharp-edged furniture will help keep your children safe.

  1. Use Custom TV Stand

Most TV stands can easily be accessed by children due to their low elevation. If you are using a TV stand that your child can easily topple, you should invest in a highly elevated stand. However, the best option when it comes to protecting your child as well as your TV is having your TV hanging on the wall. When you hang your TV on the wall, you reduce the chances of an accident. Hang it at a location where the child cannot access while at the same time, it is visible throughout the room.


Every parent enjoys the sight of active children at home. However, as much as you enjoy having happy children around, your house may be a dangerous place for them. It is your duty to ensure that you create a safe environment for your kids. Create an environment where kids can play and study without being disturbed. Make sure you cater to your kid’s playful nature and educational needs when decorating your interior.  Create a separate playroom and a distinct study room. Get rid of all dangerous objects, including sharp furniture edges.   It is important to ensure that the available environment does not pose any danger to your children no matter their age. 


About The Author: Nicole Cowart is a Pro-Child safety writer at with over 3 years of experience. She is a contributor to major online parenting magazines and a published writer. She is well regarded as a leading adviser on family and parenting issues.


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