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While working from home can be a great idea, it is essential to know that you may face some challenges which can render you unproductive unless you find a solution. When you decide to work from home, you may be facing the challenge of managing your time well. 

If you are facing this challenge, it is advisable to consider a DIY home-office. Well-organized working space can motivate you to become more productive and manage your time well. 

Identify the Space

If you are planning to DIY a home office, here are ideas to help you develop a wonderful working space. The first thing you need is to identify which part of the house you want to use for that purpose. 

If you add some creativity to your space, you will have an elegant and well-decorated workspace in your home. It will go a long way in motivating you, keeping you orderly, and increase your productivity. Here are examples of things you can do to your space to make it comfortable and good looking.

Accent Wall

The first thing you need to begin with is the wall. It is possible to create an accent wall, either using some paint or using wallpaper. Removable wallpaper will serve you well in case you think of changing the design later. You do not have to have a huge space to create a working space. 

You can turn your loft or attic space into a first-class looking office by ensuring you have an eye-catching design of an accent wall. You also do not need to spend a lot of money on that because you are refurbishing only a small place. 

How you arrange the space determines whether you will have a comfy office or not. It is essential to use the pop-out colors to keep you encouraged throughout your stay in your office.


You will need a small desk and a comfortable chair if you will be working there for a long time. It is wise to avoid using a stool as suspending your back may cause it to begin paining you. 

If you have some vintage chairs that look neglected, you can convert them by painting. If you feel like not an expert in painting, enrich yourself with some online painting lessons. 

You can also change the look of your chairs and tables using different refurbishing methods. There are some really interesting DIY plans available online.

Different Décor Ideas to Transform the Look in Your Office

Once you have the space set and the fittings, the other thing is to change the things you need in your place of work. Here are some good ideas you can use to make your office pretty elegant.

Antique Collections

Keeping an antique collection of some vintage items can make your office look very welcoming and relaxing. Some of the things you can use in your office include a collection of old bottles. If you want to look smart and unique, ensure you have bottles of all sizes, shapes, and colors. 

Arranging them well with a creative mind will go a long way in making them look attractive and unique. Adding some accent lamps will enhance the vintage look. Ensure the room is looking fresh and attractive all the time.

Change the Look of Your Notebook

You use your notebook almost all the time; thus, keeping it looking stunning and beautiful will help brighten your day. Covering your notebook with a DIY fabric is a great idea for ensuring your notebook is not boring. 

If you are using a plain notebook, you can personalize it with a fabric that attracts you. You can become as creative as you can to ensure that you give your working space at home a unique makeover. 

As you keep a pretty notebook on your table, you will not forget to read your notes to ensure you do not forget any item in your to-do list.

DIY A Desk Organizer from Wood or Cardboard

It will help you if you are working from a limited space to look for an organizer. It helps you have a place you can keep most of the things you are using for your office desk. You can think of something that can hold files, your pens, and even your phone. 

It is a great idea to have an organizer with different compartments. It allows you to keep items as per their size and make them in different places. You need an organizer to help you locate the small things you use on your desk that can go missing when you have things scattered all over the place.

 A handmade wood desk or a cardboard organizer will help you achieve an organized desk.

DIY Pencil Cups

Decorating your pencil holder is a great idea. You can use old food cans to design well-transformed office supply containers. Look for a way of covering the tins with attractive fabric or paper to create an striking container. 

Painting the container is also another way of giving it a great appearance that will make your desk keep you focused on your work without getting bored. Also, if you are using metal cans make the edges even, it will prevent them from hurting you as you use them. 

Simultaneously, using plastic food cans is a great idea as they are less likely to injure you. There are tons of ideas for making your home working space look gorgeous


Having enough light can inspire you to work better with the right mood. Natural light is better because it makes space look larger than it is and encourages you to work. 

One of the good ideas is to put a fogged film on the window as it will let enough light into the room. It makes you feel better and thus keeping you working all day without feeling bored.


Working from home is becoming a norm these days. Since you are working alone, unlike in a large office, it is easy to be bored and unsystematic.

It is also easy to find that you are using more time preparing to work than working from an office. That is why it is essential to have a DIY home office to make it as comfortable and as inspiring as possible.

About The Author: Adam Harris writes for HealthyHandyman. He has a great passion for writing about everything related to tools, home improvement, and DIY. In his spare time, he’s either fishing, playing the guitar, or spending quality time with his beloved wife. You’ll also often find him in his workshop working on some new project!
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