Maximizing space in a kitchen

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Kitchen and bathroom designer, Mary Lotardo, met with a client who was looking to transform their kitchen into a more open space without sacrificing any of their existing functionality.

This proved to be a very unique kitchen remodel because they did not want any upper cabinets, the wanted to keep a very large window on the exterior wall and they wanted to be able to showcase their pottery creations. As a result, they had to rearrange walls and space plan accordingly.

In order to incorporate storage into the kitchen, Lotardo added an island with large pull out draws with wooden peg inserts.  These pegs provide support and stability for everyday dishware that the homeowner handmade.  The washer and dryer was relocated into an unused part of the garage so that they could use that key space for a big pantry.  Shelving was also incorporated into the kitchen to display some of the pottery work. These shelves turned into the focal point of the kitchen.

Another key feature in the kitchen was a built in coffee maker. Coffee is something that the homeowners both enjoy and they wanted to make sure they had the state of the art appliance for it. The husband loves coffee and this was his favorite part of the kitchen project.

Some contributing accents are Quartzite countertops, a slab door design on the sink counter cabinets garnished with a light grey stain on red birch and simulated wood patterned porcelain plank tile flooring.

“This kitchen was transformed into a contemporary look with the use of natural materials and wood to give it depth. This look lets you see the grain, which is something that you cannot get with a painted cabinet,” Lotardo stated.

The sleek, natural artsy feeling provides  the background the homeowners hoped for while showcasing the pottery and dinnerware they use daily.  The artist homeowner also made pendant lights to enhance the room and make it hers. These tided in nicely and accented the turquoise found in the backsplash tile.

Friends and family are now all more connected and influenced by the creative spirit. In the words of the homeowners’ “the kitchen is stunning.”

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