DIY Repairs to Focus on This Winter

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Let’s face it – during the winter, all we really want to do is cuddle up on the sofa with a hot beverage and enjoy the company of our families. However, while you may not think that winter is a good time to tackle your home DIY to-do list, you are very much mistaken! 

If you’re getting a little tired of feeling unproductive this winter, here are just a few of the DIY repairs you can preoccupy yourself with before the warmer months begin. 

Check Over Your Roof

It gets pretty cold and damp during the winter. Things like melting snow or a bad bout of rain can spell disaster for your home if your roof isn’t properly managed. You should check if there are any shingles that may be loose or missing, as these can cause melted snow to leak through into your property. You should also take a look at your vents and chimney. It’s entirely possible to tackle the repairs yourself, though it’s probably best to get a team of experts in. If you’re looking for more information on roof repairs, why not check out this article

Clear Out Any Gutters

Inclement weather is the norm during the winter months, so you need to make sure that your gutters are free from any debris such as sticks and leaves. This helps to ensure that any snow that gets into the gutters will drain correctly. Make sure that there’s no water coming close to the foundations of your home too, as this could contribute to basement leaks.

Get Your Home Well Insulated

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that winter is pretty cold! Sure, you could put your indoor heating on, but what’s the point if your home isn’t well insulated? Heat can escape through places such as your home’s attic, but if you get insulation in there then the warmth is more likely to stay inside the building. It also means that moisture and condensation are less likely to invade your home. It’s even possible to improve your home’s insulation on your own. 

Clean Out the Vent in Your Clothes Dryer

Drying clothes on radiators can often contribute to dampness and condensation inside of a home. The solution? A clothes dryer! Of course, as with any other appliance, it is essential that your clothes dryer is well maintained, so cleaning out the clothes dryer vent is important. To do this, simply pull the dryer from off the wall. Disconnect the pipe, and get all of the lint out from the pipe. You also need to ensure the lint is not present in the area where the pipe connects to the machine. Once you have done this, just wipe any remaining lint from the outside of the dryer vent. Leftover lint from previous drying cycles can be a big cause of house fires, so it behooves you to keep your appliance well maintained.


Sometimes we just get bored with our houses, and there’s nothing like being stuck inside of your four walls to realize just how much you hate that green paint you picked a few years ago. A fresh lick of paint can help a room to feel rejuvenated, and you can do it by yourself or get your family members involved! You don’t need to be Picasso to make your home look fresh and clean for the winter. In addition to this, walls can get damaged through time so it’s good to spruce up the paint every once in a while.

Replace The Flooring

You may not know this, but the winter is a great time to change out the flooring in your home. If your room is around 66 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, then it’s fine to install new flooring. It probably won’t cost as much for you to buy the materials during the winter too. Combine this with a new coat of paint, and it will feel like your home is brand new! 


Sometimes, the winter blues can get you down, but keeping busy and productive is a great way to improve your mood overall. There are plenty of things that you can do around the home during the winter and beyond to keep you busy, and to help you to feel better than ever about your humble abode. Above all else, however, ensure that you are careful when it comes to doing work outside during the winter, and if there’s anything that you feel is a little outside of your expertise, consider hiring a contractor to help you out.


About The Author: Daniel Evans is a DIY enthusiast that takes pride in helping ordinary homeowners fulfill their DIY ambitions. When’s he’s not busy drilling walls and fixing roofs, he is a contributor over at GH Clark, a roofing company based in Prince Frederick, Maryland.
Photo by vu anh on Unsplash

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