Defeat Boredom Frenzy With These Awesome Home Entertainment Ideas

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Hanging out at home isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but it could be. You just need to think out the box about what you can do to keep busy.

The pandemic has forced many of us to stay home far more than ever before, but this doesn’t mean you need to be at a loose end. Whether it’s doing DIY, picking up a new hobby, or learning a different skill, there’s plenty to try.

If you’re lacking inspiration, take a look at these awesome ideas offering the perfect antidote to feeling frenzied by boredom.

  1. Learn The Art Of Mosaicking

We’ve beautified spaces and places with mosaics for thousands of years, and it continues to be a popular craft and respected art form. Learning how to create mosaics not only gives you something to defeat boredom with, it provides you with a new skill that you can use in other DIY projects at home. That skill is tiling, and it will come in very useful when remodeling your bathroom or kitchen.

The basic tools you need to get started include wheeled nipper mosaic pliers to cut glass tiles, tipped nipper mosaic pliers for ceramic tiles, a rubber plaster mixing bowl for grout, an old spoon you can use to mix grout, and a spatula or palette knife. You’ll also need a base for your mosaic, a pencil for drawing your design, an adhesive, and a cloth for cleaning.

Once you’ve got all the necessary tools, you can get started.

  1. Try New Painting Techniques

If you’re feeling creative, but mosaicking is not your idea of fun, try your hand at different painting techniques. When you’re confident applying them, you can put them to good use by giving a room a make-over.

Consider experimenting with decorative techniques such as color washing, sponging, stenciling, stripes, harlequin, polka dots, ragging, checkerboard, and strié. If you want to try stencils but can’t find any designs you like, try making your own using mylar, wood, or acrylic.

You can start with small experiments by purchasing squares of board, prepping them, giving them a white undercoat, and then experimenting with your chosen technique using your desired color. If you take it a step further and give a room a make-over, get some new blinds or drapes, update your linen or upholstery, change the lampshades, and look into new art or other décor.

  1. Build A Gaming Room

If you’re a passionate gamer, why not turn a spare room into a video gaming room?

Take your time to plan out what’s needed, then begin the renovation process. You may need to soundproof the room or add rubber strips to doors and windows to insulate it. You’ll also need top-quality HDMIs and power strips, as well as a gaming monitor or flatscreen TV, and a comfortable chair or two.

Don’t forget about a source of light other than your screen or monitor, and be sure to add some gaming-related décor as a final touch.

  1. Create A Home Cinema

If you prefer movies to gaming and have a basement or spare room, you can turn into a home cinema, go for it!

The essentials you’ll need include a large flatscreen TV or a screen and a projector, comfortable seats, soundproofing panels, and several speakers for surround sound.

It also helps to have luxuriously thick carpets and, if the room has windows, thick blinds or drapes to shut out the light from outside. Like in a gaming room, it’s important to have a light source other than the glare from the screen, so consider mood lighting options that won’t detract from the cinematic experience.

  1. Install A Smoke-Free Fireplace

Don’t let a lack of a proper fireplace stop you from enjoying a magical atmosphere and wonderful warmth. Create a smoke-free fireplace with non-flammable materials and a bioethanol burner. You can still curl up in front of it with a book, game, or a cup of coffee.

A bioethanol fireplace offers light and heat, produces neither smoke nor ash, and can be modeled to look like a traditional fireplace set into a wall. Alternatively, you can put them into tabletops, mount them on walls, and place them in various creative settings. There are also portable units that you can use inside or outdoors.

  1. Get Into Gardening

Far from being a chore, gardening can be a rewarding hobby. If you’re serious about getting into gardening, you’ll find that you never stop learning new skills or enjoying opportunities to get creative.

One of the beautiful things about the hobby is that you don’t need a large plot of land. Whether you have a few meters, balcony, windowsill, or even a room that never sees the light of day, you can garden.

If you’re adventurous, you can take a cottage garden approach by cultivating a mix of ornamental plants, culinary and medicinal herbs, and fruit and vegetables. Alternatively, focus on cultivating a rolling lawn, succulents, edible flowers, carnivorous/insectivorous plants, or bonsai. The options are almost endless.

What you grow may depend on whether you’re willing to invest in lights, grow tents, and hydroponic systems, or if you’d prefer to keep costs down and buy a few pots and potting soil. If you take the hobby seriously, you may even come up with a way to generate income based on your newfound interest.

  1. Build A Terrarium

If you’re short on space, don’t have access to an outside area, or simply want to add some life to a room, take gardening to the next level by building a terrarium.

A simple bottle garden is one of the easiest terrariums you can make at home. However, if you’re feeling a bit more creative, you can construct something more elaborate using epoxy-coated plywood and glass. Much like gardening, a terrarium can feature just about any plant-type you prefer, provided you learn how to look after it.

These are just a few awesome home entertainment ideas that can help you beat boredom. No matter which of them inspires you, you’re sure to find they inject a healthy dose of excitement into your life. Plus, they may even add value to your property as they’ll make your home more desirable.

About The Author: Megan Hudson is a content champion for various online publications, often covering a range of business topics from finance for startups to small business accounting tips.
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