5 Benefits of Having a Home Security System

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The question of whether one really needs a security system is still quite common. Many people do not understand why they need it, claim to have a dog or a gun, and being constantly home. There are false alarms too. It is really annoying when there was a mistake in the system or your kid simply likes to press buttons, and then there are people in your house that you did not expect to see at all. You have to explain what happened and that everything is okay. Money becomes an issue too. So, yeah, it may be complicated. 

Yet, what if there are more benefits than harm?

We have got 5 benefits of having a home security system that will make you think twice before refusing to get a home security system.

1. Your Valuables Are Safe

How often have you brought big amounts of money home and then had to worry, whether it is going to still be there when you come back from work? In addition to that, everyone probably has a friend who had their TV, laptop, or jewelry stolen. Can you imagine entering the empty or ransacked house after anticipating a good rest after a hard day at work? It sounds like a total disaster, right? 

A home security system will make you forget that any of these issues have ever existed. It will spare you some stress as well!

2. Control Your House from Afar

Home security systems get smarter and smarter every day. Now you not only get a notification that someone broke into your house but you can check all the cameras and switch lights on or off which is super useful for those who forget to turn the lights off every time they leave the house and get a surprise bill at the end of the month. You can even control your thermostat! 

Imagine: it is cold like the winter from the Game of Thrones had finally arrived. It is the first time it got that cold in autumn. You are trying your best not to lose it while your hands are trembling. All you dream about is a warm house. With a home security system it is possible! You do not have to come home and wait for your heating system to start working. With just one click you get your wished warmth!

It may also happen that you forgot to turn off the heating before getting on an airplane and flying somewhere warmer. Then you will save a lot of money by simply pressing a single button on your smartphone.

3. You Do Not Have to Pay for Insurance That Much

So in the beginning, we have mentioned that money is a big issue when it comes to deciding whether to install a home security system or not. Paying month fees may seem too much but when you have a home security system you are allowed to pay less for the insurance (15 or 20%, depending on the company). All in all, if we do some counting, you pay the same price but feel much safer!

4. Have You Forgotten the Key? Again?

It is hard to remember how many times we forgot our key in a lifetime. It is always such a pity when you finally come home, you can almost feel the coziness of your blankets, and then you start searching your pockets and realize that the key is somewhere else. You are lucky if you have a car to go back to the office. Taking a ride on a subway once again when trains are full? No, thank you! 

Remember how forgetful kids are! You are in the middle of an important presentation and you get a phone call. Your child forgot the key! It is not like you can just ask them to wait at the door until your work day is over. 

A home security system has got your back! Modern home securities systems allow you to control the locks with your phone. This feature saves time, money (if your boss makes you pay a penalty because you had to go home and let your kids in), and your nervous system. 

5. No Stress

With all the daily reports of murders, burglars, and other crimes, we get overwhelmed with the news. Even if we know that some neighborhood or a city is super safe, we still get trouble shots from there from time to time. Then there are all these friend`s stories…

Even if we do not notice that for a long time, all of these factors make our stress level rise. In addition, all the responsibility at work and various personal problems are not going anywhere. In the end, it may even lead to anxiety and other mental disorders. 

That is why a high quality home security system can fix your health up a little. You do not have to worry constantly about if there will be any crimes in your neighborhood today, whether you turned off your lights or an iron, what to do if your child forgot the key at home. When you have a possibility to shake troubles off of your shoulders, why not do that?

So these were the main 5 benefits of having a home security system that are too convincing not to notice. We hope your house will be actually your fortress! 


About the Author: Brenner Thomas is a blogger who enjoys writing articles about home decoration and house security. After working as a writer for various media publications, Brenner decided to start his own blog top10pack.com where he covers topics of lifestyle, house decoration and home security.
Photo by Jon Moore on Unsplash

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