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As spring turns into summer, the weather continues to get nicer and warmer. For many families, this can translate to breakfast on the porch, dinner outside by the grill and weekend afternoons lounging in the sun. However, you don’t have to wait for summer to enjoy the sunny outdoors.

Consider adding a four-season room 
A four-season room, or sunroom, is an addition to your house that has plenty of windows, skylights and sliding glass doors so it feels like you’re sitting out in your yard. It lets in the maximum amount of sun and has plenty of views. However, unlike a deck or porch, it’s enclosed and protected.

If you love relaxing outdoors on your property right now, check out these five benefits of adding a four-season room to your home so that you can have that feeling all year.

Talk with a designer about whether a four-season room is right for you.
Talk with a designer about whether a four-season room is right for you.

1. You don’t have to worry about temperature 
It’s called a four-season room for a reason: You can use it year-round. During the summer, you can throw open the windows and doors to let in that refreshing breeze. However, a four-season room is also temperature controlled, so you can stay cool without missing the views on scorching summer days and watch the snow pile up in your yard in the winter without leaving the warmth of your sofa.

2. Pesky bugs won’t bother you 
Eating outdoors is always a great idea until you sit down and mosquitoes start attacking you and your food. With a four-season room you’ll get all the aesthetics of an outdoor meal without all the annoying and painful pests. You can even work with your designer to have your four-season room abut the patio where you keep your grill outdoors.

3. There’s no rain to worry about
With a four-season room, you don’t have to worry about the weather report before planning an event or setting the table. Additionally, when you put chairs and furniture in your sunroom, they won’t freeze, get rain soaked or grow mildew like they might outside.

“It’s called a four-season room for a reason: You can use it year-round.”

4. It adds a versatile space for entertaining 
One of the best aspects of a four-season room is that it’s an incredibly versatile space. It doesn’t have to serve the purposes that other spaces such as a dining room or bedroom do.

Design your four-season room with comfort and function in mind. Create a cozy space where your family can get together for a game night or you can escape to read a good book or get some work done.

Also include a table and chairs in your design plan. You can enjoy a weekend brunch in the sun with your four-season room or host a family get-together with your yard as a scenic backdrop. Consider an adjustable table that allows you to have an intimate space for your family that can transform into a function space.

5. It can add value to your home 
Many people love the idea of a four-season room and are willing to pay a premium for it. Adding this multipurpose room to your home can boost your house’s value and square footage. 

Talk to a design expert today to see where a four-season room will work in your house and enjoy it all year long.

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