Roof repairs to make before the first winter storm

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As the temperatures drop, the chance of the first winter storm increases. Most homeowners understand that your roof serves as your first line of defense from the elements, making it essential for a harsh season like winter. The last thing you want to have to deal with during a winter storm are leaks, drafts and cave-ins. So, before that first storm hits, make sure you’ve made the necessary repairs to your roof to keep your family safe and sheltered this season.

“Examine insulation for areas that may be allowing cold air inside.”

Check insulation
Science tells us that warm air rises and cold air sinks. If you’ve noticed that the lower areas of your house are much chillier than other parts, it may be time to visit the attic and inspect the roofing insulation. Look for damaged areas that may be allowing the cold air to penetrate your home. Because snow often gathers on rooftops after a storm, this step will help you keep the cold air from ruining your warm holiday memories.

Clean out the gutters
Think of your gutters like veins for your roof. If the veins get clogged, bad things happen. Before the first storm, don your warm clothing and get to work clearing the gutters around your home. Remove all debris, leaves, twigs and others things that may cause blockage. This will help prevent the buildup of precipitation and ice that can lead to damaged roofs.

Clear gutters can help with snow melt runoff and prevent damage to your roof.

Examine for leaks and drafts
You can do this step while hanging holiday lights or cleaning out the gutters. Take the necessary time to check your roofing for damaged shingles or gaps that may allow leaks and drafts. A spot repair may be enough to get your through the season, but you should consult a roofing professional to make sure you aren’t leaving yourself open to a bigger problem. Additionally, if you find multiple issue spots, make a note and consider a roof replacement when the weather allows. 

Try to spot warping
If your roof is sagging or bulging in certain areas, it’s a fairly strong indication that you’ve already got roof damage. These spots of weakness present a danger to your home. If you add the weight of snow or ice, you’re creating the potential for a costly cave-in or roof collapse. If you notice these spots soon enough, it is time to consult with a contractor to come and do a full roof replacement.

The roof is an essential part of your home. It’s serves as a barrier between you and the harsh outdoors, and your well insulated attic helps keep your home more comfortable. Small issues with your roof could lead to big problems if left unattended before a big winter storm. Therefore, it is best to address damaged spots and make the necessary repairs beforehand or you could be faced with having to replace your roof.

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