The Homeowner’s Guide To Roofing [Whitepaper]

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The Homeowner’s Guide To Roofing

The roof of a home can be thought of as its crowning glory—pun intended. This is because roofing covers approximately 40 percent of a home’s exterior, and along with other vital, functional parts, including shingles, underlayment, gutters and vents, it plays a significant role in not only protecting the home against the elements, but also contributes heavily to its aesthetic value. And more often than not, an enhancement in visual appeal, translates to an increase in the value of a home.

Because of its importance in maintaining the structural integrity of a home, damages to a roof and its accompanying operational components, can have grave consequences. For this and other reasons (including visual appeal), it is extremely important for homeowners to make an informed and worthy investment when selecting new or replacement roofing.

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