Home Improvement Science: Protecting Your Home Starts At The Top

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Curb appeal and the roof of your home are linked together as people see your home from the street.  The right choices when making home improvements will help make your home a pleasing addition to the neighborhood and something to be proud to own.  Homeowners in Long Island, New York and nationally can now take advantage of superior technology they can rely upon for their future roofing projects when engaged in improvement remodeling.  Owens Corning, a leader in home improvement products for insulation and roofing have engineered yet another state of the art product design for roofing shingles with a superior endurance against the elements.

The Tru-Definition, Duration Series Shingles with Surenail Technology offer just about everything that matters to the homeowner who’s looking for the best in performance.  It sounds almost too good to be true, however it’s a simple application of what makes sense when it comes to roofing shingles for home remodeling and repair.  How they perform in extreme conditions and how they hold up year after year was the obvious goal for the development of this breakthrough design.

Roofing shingles will suffer constant abuse from the sun.  Ultraviolet rays, temperature extremes, wind and rain all affect their longevity and performance.  The angle of the roof and the surrounding landscaping design also has an effect on the lift pressure of roofing shingles specifically in bad storms at any time of the year.  The end result with lesser products can be discoloration, broken tiles, loose courses that can lead to leaks and an inconsistent appearance that worsens as time marches on ultimately affecting roof repair costs.

The innovative feature of this newly developed technology is a tough woven engineered reinforcing fabric in the nailing area that promotes easy, fast and consistent nail gun fastening.  The less techno-geek explanation about this innovation is that it is a fabric strip that strengthens the area where the shingle is fastened to the roof.  In fact, the fabric layer is an added feature to what is called the laminate layer which is the surface of the shingle which is then bonded to the lower layer that is a fiberglass matt.  This triple layer protection results in a superior holding power and enables the roofing installer to use less nails when fastening it to the roof.  The fewer penetrations to the sub-roof or deck surface reduce the potential for leaks years down the road.

Just like they say in the infomercials, but that’s not all.

The TruDefinition Duration Series shingles also have an additional sealant underneath the trailing edge of the shingle.  This is an enhanced adhesive applied in extra wide bands and will grip tightly to the fabric band of the shingle below.  This now engineered and sealed bond from course to course of shingles on the roof can withstand not only the harsh elements of just about any weather environment; it will also resist lifting and is backed by a 130 MPH wind warranty.

Available in a variety of colors to suit any addition or new roof this patented technology reduces the deck penetrations by 33% meaning you use fewer nails.  The excellence of the combined features of exceptional wind resistance, superior adhesion and the breakthrough design for easy and ensured fastening make for a roof you are not likely to replace while you live in the home.  Durability and long lasting performance through SureNail technology is state of the art engineering that brings peace of mind to the homeowner who is looking for superior protection and curb appeal not just for today but for years to come.

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