8 Tips to Help You Protect Your Home This Spring

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It’s almost here. Fishing, Golf, Gardening – it’s SPRING! What seemed like the longest winter is now slowly but surely coming to a close, and for home owners, it can’t come soon enough. Houses can take a beating during the winter season, indoor and out.

So what is on your spring checklist to whip your biggest investment back into shape and prepare for the warmer months?

Here is a list of spring check-ups you can do to save yourself some trouble down the road:

  1. Check air conditioners: Although they may not be used for a few months, check them now to save yourself the aggravation of doing it when needed
  2. Inspect your gutters: Ice can get heavy and separate gutters from the house. This should be checked asap as it could lead to way bigger issues down the road
  3. While checking the gutters, take a look at the siding and roofing for any possible leaks. See where silicone or caulk could possibly be replaced
  4. Around the perimeter of the house, clear away any debris (leaves, brush, etc.) that is against the foundation and reaches the siding. Water will wick up to the sheathing and can cause damage
  5. While checking around the foundation, make sure that the ground slopes away from the house and that the downspouts carry the water well clear of the foundation
  6. Remove any tree branches that are close enough to come in contact with the roof or gutters in heavy winds. This is easier to do before or during early spring when there are no leaves yet
  7. Planning a vegetable garden? Spread black plastic over the space now, and weigh it down with rocks. The heat generated under the plastic will kill weed seeds
  8. Check all of the smoke & carbon monoxide detectors in the home by pressing the test button. For suggestions on replacing them, check with your local fire department

What would add to this list? Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments section below.

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