How to Build a Perfect Gym in Your House

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It’s the turn of a new decade, making it the perfect time to finally turn your fitness goals into a reality. We understand, though, that there are circumstances that make signing up for a gym membership simply inconvenient to keep up with.
These are the reasons why we recommend creating a gym in the comforts of your own home instead. Not only does it make your fitness needs more accessible and convenient, but its very presence is enough to remind you to work out regularly.

Find Space

The first thing that you need to do is to find the proper space. It should be big enough to fit any exercise equipment that you’re planning to use. Ideally, it should have its own room, a place with ample lighting and proper ventilation. Some people prefer to put it in seldomly used spaces like a basement or the garage.
Renovation of the Space
Once you have chosen the perfect space for your home gym and you have the extra budget, you can now move on to renovate it according to your needs and preferences.

Walls and Ceiling

Every home gym deserves a big mirror where you will be able to monitor your form. You might also want to remove any extra storage unit that you’re not planning to use, switching it for shelves or racks to hold your workout equipment instead.
We found that mounting appliances to the wall saves precious floor space. You can do that for your television and sound system. Don’t forget to repaint your walls to your favorite color as well and make the room aesthetically pleasing for you to be in.
As for the ceiling, install more lighting and ceiling fans if needed. This will make the room more comfortable even during the hot summer days when it’s more challenging to put up a sweat.


Don’t ignore your flooring too. We recommend laying down mats or a carpet in order to minimize the noise especially if you’re going to use weights. Speaking of weights, there is exercise equipment that can be quite hard on the floor, so concrete flooring is preferred as they are more durable to this type of stress and activity.

Good Lighting

Since we have already talked about lighting earlier, let’s discuss it a little bit more. Did you know that lighting has the power to change one’s mood? For instance, soft, warm light can make a room more sleep inductive. On the other hand, bright lights can make one feel more awake and energetic.
You’d definitely want the latter for your home gym. We suggest focused lighting like pendant lamps if you don’t have the budget to set up an entirely new lighting system.

Stock Your Home Gym

With the space ready, you now have an empty canvas to work with. It’s time for the exciting part: filling it in!
How to Build a Perfect Gym in Your Home

Set Your Fitness Goals

What do you want to accomplish? You will need this to determine the type of equipment you need to get for your home gym. We are going to share with you the basic gear you might want to look into for cardio, strength, and flexibility below.
Equipment for Cardio
For those who are looking for cardio equipment, you can consider the following exercise machines:
● Treadmill
● Rowing Machine
● Indoor Bike
● Elliptical Machine
Equipment for Strength
To build your strength, here are the different gear you can consider:
● Resistance Bands
● Weighted Jump Ropes
● Exercise Ball
● Weights (different dumbbells and kettlebells)
And if you have the budget for it, you can also get yourself a power rack or power tower.
Equipment for Flexibility
Finally, for those looking into improving their flexibility, here are some gear you can get for your home gym:
● Exercise Mat
● Styrofoam Roller
● Resistance Bands
● Exercise Ball
Atmosphere Is Everything
Anyway, equipping your home gym is not the only thing you should focus on. In fact, setting the right atmosphere in your home gym is equally important. Otherwise, you won’t even enjoy using it!
Remove the Odors
One of the key issues that we usually encounter is odor. To prevent these weird smells from developing, make sure that your home gym is always properly ventilated. You can use a pedestal fan to keep the air in your room in constant motion. Having plants in your home gym will also help.
And while we’ve already suggested for you to install a sound system in your home gym, don’t forget to curate your motivational workout playlist to play in it.
To Sum Up
Creating your own home gym is not only fun, but it also builds momentum in your motivation making your fitness goals easier to achieve. Dedicate a space in your home, renovate it according to your intention, equip with quality gear, and don’t forget to set the proper atmosphere with lighting, ventilation, and music. By following the tips we’ve shared with you, we’re confident that you’ll be able to build a home gym that’s tailor-fit for you better than any other gym out there.
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