The 4 Best Gadgets for a Smart Home Kitchen

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The kitchen is the hearth, the center of the home, and it is where much of the daily activities in home life take place. Between preparing hors d’oeuvres for a dinner party, whisking up the perfect omelette for a romantic brunch, or packing a healthy lunch for the kids to take to school, the kitchen is one place in the home where you want to know everything works just how you want it to.

Every home is different, and that means you might need to make some adjustments in order to have that unique kitchen perfectly suited to your needs. Luckily, technology has evolved to the point where whatever you can visualize for your perfect kitchen can be created. And with smart tech gadgets, you can truly upgrade the way you interact with all of your kitchen tools and spaces.

So let’s take a look at the 4 best gadgets for a smart home kitchen. You may just be surprised by how many smart tech upgrades are available-and just how much they can up your cooking game.

1. Smart Fridge

Your smart fridge can serve as your personal kitchen assistant. Most smart fridges today sync with your phone remotely, so you can always check to see what is inside your smart fridge. Checking the live feed on your fridge’s built-in camera while you are at the grocery store means you will be able to determine exactly what you are running low on. The fridge’s cameras allow you to see how much ice is in the freezer- and how much ice cream is left in the tub.

You can order groceries directly on your smart fridge’s touchscreen, or automatically compile grocery lists that you can then share with other family members. Your smart fridge can play music or TV shows while you cook, so you can follow along with your favorite top chefs as they show you how to prepare recipes. Or pull up your favorite recipe on the touch screen, eliminating the risk factor when you use your phone near your cake baking station.

When you want to pause the fridge TV, don’t worry about washing the flour and sugar off of your fingers; you can simple use voice commands that spark the smart fridge’s voice recognition technology.

And a smart fridge can help keep track of which foods are nearing the expiration dates, so you know what to keep, what to use up, and what to replace at all times.

2. Smart Speakers

While smart speakers are not a smart gadget exclusive to the kitchen, they can make a world of difference in setting the tone as you cook, clean, and dine each day. Think about how often you listen to news in the morning, podcasts as you wash dishes, and hypnotic music while you cook.

Smart speakers are a great option to help you amplify your kitchen experience. Equipped with voice recognition technology, they allow you to adjust your audio remotely, without worrying about messy fingers or hands wet with dish soap.

A smart speaker equipped with a virtual assistant, like Google Assistant or Alexa, can allow you to order kitchen and cleaning supplies on the spot, so you can check that task off your weekly to do list without even having to write it down. Simply state aloud what you need more of and the package will arrive at your door.

Plus, smart speakers promote more spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen, which is always a good thing.

3. Smart Microwave

Offered at the same price as a conventional microwave, a smart microwave comes equipped with voice recognition command capabilities. So you can ‘wake up’ the microwave by activating Alexa, then simply state what you are trying to reheat.

The microwave will determine the best cooking time, so you can reheat your bowl of soup, leftovers from last night’s take out dinner, or even your cup of coffee, without having to figure out the weight and ideal heating time.

You can also announce that you are popping in, for example, 8 ounces of frozen food, and let the voice assistant take care of the rest, determining how long and at what heat level to cook your frozen meal.

A smart microwave is a time saver that comes at an affordable price, so if you’re looking to test out smart tech gadgets for the kitchen before doing a complete smart tech makeover, this appliance is a good choice for smart tech beginners.

4. Smart Oven

If cooking is just not where you excel, a smart oven could be the perfect smart home gadget for you. With adjustable settings, smart detection, and automation capabilities, you can all but let the oven cook your roast meals for you- you simply have to put in your dish and take it out at the end, perfectly cooked.

Smart ovens come with a variety of options. Some include built-in cameras and touchscreen doors, so you can check on the contents of your oven without letting the heat escape. Other smart ovens can sense the weight of your chicken, turkey, or steak and adjust your timing and heat according to that information. Some smart ovens allow you to cook different items at different temperatures, in one oven, at the same time.

You can program your smart oven to provide the best automated settings for a variety of foods as well, from cupcakes to roasted chicken to thin crust pizzas. A smart oven takes out most of the guesswork and variability in oven cooking, so you can come out with the perfect dish every single time.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Whether you are looking for a way to cut out the hassle of assembling grocery lists, seeking to boost your kitchen’s entertainment value, or desiring a way to improve your cooking skills right away, there are smart tech gadgets available for your kitchen that can satisfy your goals.

And as time goes on, the smart tech will continue to evolve, becoming increasingly sophisticated, and increasingly helpful. So today is definitely the right time to start getting acquainted with the ease and convenience that smart tech gadgets can provide for your home life.


About The Author:  Deb Smythe is a part of a great team of blog writers for Cable Compare. Originally from New Hampshire, she moved to Tampa Florida to be closer to family and have more time for her writing. She now spends her days enjoying the sunshine, walking her dog, and taking care of her two stepsons.
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