How To Prepare For Your First Home Remodel – Part 2

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Gina Bonura is a Kitchen and Bath Designer at Alure Home Improvements In my Part 1 of this post, I provided some advice on what you should do to prepare for a home remodeling project. In Part 2, I’m delivering some more tips on how turn home remodeling into a less stressful experience for yourself. Here are some more things you can do prior to the actual start date to better prepare yourself for the experience.

Remove Pieces of Furniture

The day before the remodel, move any pieces of furniture that are in the path from the door to the worksite. Remove breakables (framed pictures or knickknacks) from adjacent walls. Cover furniture in the rooms nearby with old sheets. Your contractor should be willing to put tarps down on carpets or masonite boards on wood floors to protect them. They will even put up plastic sheets, if the area can be confined to keep debris in. Plaster is a lot more difficult to remove than sheetrock. You may want to roll damp towels and place them at the base of closed doors to eliminate the plaster dust from going into the adjoining rooms. Plaster forms a dust cloud and settles, and keeps settling for days. I have found that a spray bottle filled with water will help the dust to settle more quickly and cleanly if you spray lightly around the room toward the ceiling. You may also experience nail pops on adjacent walls. This is extremely common.

Make Arrangements for your Pets

Make appropriate arrangements for your pet’s safety as well. Be sure they are in a safe, confined area. There is a good deal of banging during demolition and power tools that may make Fluffy a bit nervous. It is sometimes necessary to have them stay elsewhere completely.

Keep a Positive Attitude!

Most of all, remember to keep a positive attitude. There will be set backs and issues along the way, that is the nature of the (remodeling) beast – a positive attitude goes a long way in difficult situations. Just think, pretty soon it will all be a distant memory as you soak in the tub after remodeling the bathroom or enjoy a nice home-cooked meal in your newly remodeled kitchen. Welcome to Home Remodeling!! Gina If you have any more questions or are looking for advice on remodeling your home, feel free to contact a Alure Home Improvements representative and schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

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