How to create space in a small kitchen

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Chances are, you and your family spend a great deal of time in the kitchen. As a result, it’s especially important to design the room so it’s highly functioning and aesthetically pleasing to all members of the household. In fact, one of the most common kitchen remodeling requests among homeowners is utilizing all of the space in their kitchen so it seems larger and requires minimal construction. Billy Coen, kitchen and bath designer at Alure Home Improvements, shared kitchen design ideas to help you achieve this objective in your own home.


Ample storage space is crucial to a small kitchen. Large cabinets – specifically those that are installed up to the ceiling – allow you to store plates, dishes and food without taking up any space on the counter or in the pantry. Coen suggested choosing cabinets wisely to make the most of your space. Opt for brighter colors to open up your kitchen, and skip designs with excessive detail to help amplify and expand the space.


When it comes to making the most of a small kitchen, countertops are extremely important. Keep counters as clear as possible. Decorative bowls, large dish racks and excessive appliances are unnecessary and take up valuable space that could be used for other things. The material used on the countertops can also make a major difference in the appearance of the room’s size. Coen recommended using quartz, as there are many colors to choose from, and since they’re not porous there is no need to seal it. He noted that other materials may not be worth it for smaller kitchens.

“Granite is also good,” he explained, “but the variation in pattern is the reason it is used in kitchens and if the counter is small, the variation may not matter.”


Another way to increase counter space is by eliminating wall ovens and pantries, which Coen explained “can close in a small kitchen.” When undergoing a kitchen renovation, opt for a conventional oven, which takes up less space, and store as much food as you can in your cabinets.


The size of your appliances is key to making a small kitchen seem larger. Choose counter-depth refrigerators and ovens that don’t protrude from the rest of your space so it appears to be built-in. A professional contractor will be able to measure everything properly, build accordingly and suggest ideal sizes for appliances.

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Coen also noted that there are many minor alterations a person can make to a small kitchen. Dividers can be installed in cabinets to hold pot lids. Pots and pans can be put in base cabinets with drawers that pull out, which is a great option for those who may find it difficult to access materials in the back of the cabinet. Also, it’s always best to keep ample counter space around the sink and stove, he explained.

“To make the best use of your space, try using wall mounted knife racks,” said Coen. “Hooks can be used inside the cabinets for hanging keys, cups and other similar items. You could also use pigeon hole-type shelving under the wall cabinets for small items.”

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