How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take?

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Whether you want your home ready for summer guests or a graduation party, it’s helpful to know what a realistic kitchen remodel timeline looks like. This will give you a good idea of when to start the planning and design process, as well as when to hire a qualified contractor.

Depending on its size and scope, a kitchen remodel can take anywhere from two weeks to a year. For a major renovation involving changes to the structure and layout of the space, a realistic remodel timeline is six months. That includes planning and design, hiring a contractor,ordering products, demolishing the existing kitchen, and then building out the new kitchen. Six months may seem like an eternity, but keep in mind that you should still be able to access most of your kitchen for the majority of this period. The good news is that the average kitchen remodel can be completed in as little as four weeks.

A Complex Process

Kitchen remodels can drag on and on because the process typically involves many moving parts. For instance, every kitchen design is different, in terms of size, shape, and design details. And given that there are so many design elements to consider, like backsplash tiles and cabinet hardware, it’s not surprising that choosing products that blend best with your overall kitchen design can take a while.

Here are two tips for keeping your kitchen remodel as short as possible: Plan ahead, and try to avoid changing your mind midstream. Remember, everything must be installed in your kitchen in a certain order—cabinets before countertops, for example—so if you realized that you now love the look of European-style cabinets, ordering them after work on your kitchen has begun means that your project may be delayed as you wait on your shipment. Don’t forget about common disruptions such as bad weather, which can also delay product shipments and lengthen the entire process.

Hiring an experienced remodeling company can help you anticipate hiccups so that your remodel is completed on time and on budget. A qualified company will manage the materials you use for your project and will give you regular updates on its progress. But be wary of any company that does not give you a project timeline. By all means, interview the contractors about their business practices, and when you’ve decided on the contractor for your project, remember that early scheduling is key,as good contractors may be booked many weeks in advance.

Remodeling Experts

The highly skilled remodeling professionals at Alure Home Improvements can help you significantly shrink your kitchen remodel timeline.We offer an extreme, 10-day kitchen program that includes new plumbing,lighting, flooring, counters, sinks, faucets, and many accessory options to improve your kitchen’s functionality and add style that enlivens your home. If you want to change your kitchen’s layout,or expand into another room, our expert design team can help create a custom kitchen that truly fits your household and reflects your personal style. Whatever your kitchen remodel plans, Alure Home Improvements would be delighted to help. Contact us today for more information.

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